Mitch McConnell needs to stop playing power games and put our country before his ego

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Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

Since the election of President Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell has been doing everything in his power to chip away at our democracy.  He openly admitted he vowed to make Obama a one-term president. He failed to meet that goal, but he was very efficient at quashing parts of Obama’s agenda.  I don’t have a definitive answer to why he has done such things. Greed, power and ego – I think those are some of the reasons.  Yet, I wonder if those are the only reasons for his behavior.  I know his power plays are becoming very dangerous to the future of America.  I really don’t like to write about doom and gloom.  By nature, I am usually a positive, optimistic person.   When I see some “leaders” in our government putting their “personal” agendas before the good of the people, I start to feel as if all the optimism in the world will not help us.

Senator Mitch McConnell has run roughshod over the Senate for a long time.  I’m speculating he has a treasure trove of “incentive ammunition” in his possession to keep dissension, within the ranks, at bay.  Over the years, very few Republicans senators ever voted against him and those that did found their future in politics in dire straits. Since Donald Trump won his presidential election, Senator McConnell has been in his glory and has given Mr. Trump everything he has wanted without any concern for the future of Americans and our form of government.

In the past week alone, Senator McConnell has been able to vote down the public or congressional viewing of the entire Mueller investigation report, even though Donald Trump said he thought it was a good idea to make the report public.  According Attorney General Barr’s memo, the Mueller report favors Donald Trump.  So why not make it public?  I’m sure Mitch has his own reasons, and I am fairly sure I am not the only one who would like to know those reasons.

Then, Senator McConnell decided to play another “power” game with his call for a Senate vote regarding the Green New Deal.  He admitted his hope was to “damage” the current roster of presidential candidates in the Senate.  We must remember the current Green New Deal is a resolution; it is not a bill.  It is not a piece of legislature that, if approved, would become law.  As Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly stated, the Green New Deal is an outline of what the government can do to combat climate change. At the same time, the proposal includes suggestions to provide training and well-paying jobs for the people who will be directly affected by the changes in the reduction of our use of fossil fuels.  The plan also contains other proposals to make life better and healthier for all of us.  Are some of those proposals doable in the very near future?  There is a good possibility some may not be, yet that doesn’t mean we should not start working toward those goals and tweak them as we move along.

The Republican leadership’s answer to the GND is not to present any of their own ideas or possible solutions but to deny climate change exists.  They decided the best thing to do is to scream that the entire plan is another attempt by Democrats to turn our country into a Socialist empire.  In their minds and with their rhetoric, they try to convince their supporters that “socialism” is equal to “communism.”  Anything that they determine to be a liberal agenda must be bad because it must be affiliated with some kind of “ism” that will ruin our country.  It amazes me how they ignore the numerous examples of “Democratic socialism” that have been successful programs in our country for decades.

The Republican leadership has done the same thing with the Affordable Care Act.  When they branded it as Obamacare, it was a terrific marketing tool for their purposes.  They did not want their voters to like the program, no matter how much it helped their constituents.  We have seen this over and over again, when people were asked if they liked the Affordable Care Act, they loved it and were grateful for it.  When these same people were asked what they thought about Obamacare, they overwhelmingly said they hated it and wanted their legislators to get rid of it.  Once again, the Affordable Care Act is being threatened by conservatives, and, if they are successful, how many people do you know will lose their health care insurance?  It was bad enough for those who had gotten their insurance through the ACA when it first came out only to discover if the state they lived in did not expand Medicaid coverage, their premiums started to climb.  This happened right here in Tennessee.  Now the big issue that is bringing this to a head again is the legality of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Donald Trump repeatedly promised he would not let happen, but that’s not enough. How many people in your life have one or more pre-existing conditions?  Mitch McConnell now is sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. Every one of us should be asking ourselves, “WHY?”

I understand the ego trip it must be for Mitch McConnell. In some cases, he has more power than the president, himself.  The speaker of the house is a powerful position, too, but the Senate majority leader’s position is the ultimate deal breaker.  We have witnessed Mitch McConnell calling for a vote on an issue, resolution, or a bill that was passed by the House, only if he approves of it and thinks he can win. He also has used his power to ignore calls from members of Congress for a vote because he doesn’t want to. Doing his “own thing,” and putting politics before the people, the Constitution, and the country is an abuse of power.

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  1. Comment by George

    April 1, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Seriously Delusional. More communist democrat mythology, based on nothing!

  2. Comment by Fred Higgenbottom

    April 1, 2019 at 11:35 am

    The founding fathers understood well that “Fifty-one percent of a nation can establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still remain democratic.” As the result of their genius in understanding this fact they established, ordained and helped ratify a Constitutional Republic. A Republic of sovereign States having equal numbers of Senators and electing Presidents through the Electoral college system instead of the popular vote.

    We keep hearing the populist propaganda of Democrats that we’re a democracy. And as teenagers we were all brainwashed to believe that we are a democracy by left leaning teachers in our public school system. But a pure democracy is nothing more than mob rule that’s more akin to two wolves and a sheep voting on breakfast than to a just society. With the changing whims of an increasingly engineered, multi-cultural society you can bet on the fact that in a pure democracy you’ll eventually become the sheep!

    Conservatives must be ever vigilant and NEVER relent in the sacred responsibility to preserve our heritage from the onslaughts of liberals and keep this nation a Constitutional Republic instead of the pure democracy lusted for by big government, power hungry liberals in Congress!

  3. Comment by Fred Higgenbottom

    April 1, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Democrats like to speak about the American people as a monolithic group and in the context of a simple majority. In a Democracy, the majority always rules. If the majority decided they wanted your biike, they could take it.

    But in a Republic, your bike is your property and you do not owe it to anyone. It cannot be taken against your will by law. America is such a Contitutional Republic.

    Therefore, the Constitution is the Supreme law by which we are ALL supposed to be protected. In a Republic, the individual is protected FROM the whims and schemes of the majority by the provisions of Constitutional law.

    A Constitutional Republic is what we were given and it is up to conservatives to protect it and keep it out of the power hungry hands of big govenment Democrats.

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