Monster storm hits Fall Creek Falls

By | July 5, 2018 2:04 pm

By Tony Mitchell – contributor

A massive storm crashed into Fall Creek Falls State Park, on June 27, blasting enormous bolts of lightning down trees and across the ground. Officially, rain total amounted to 3.25 inches over two days at the state park weather observation station. However, at times it seemed like 3 4 inches a minute. According to park officials, over 100 trees were toppled. Observers at Mitchell Manor At Fall Creek Falls Bed and Breakfast reported what appeared to be ground lightning. “Lighting hit one of the trees right behind the house!” said one observer.

Matt Reagan, of the National Weather Service, in Nashville, said, “There was no tornadic activity indicated by the radar data. The trees were downed by micro bursts, which caused substantial winds in excess of 60 mph at the surface.”

Park rangers cleared the roads of tree debris within a few hours.

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