National Nursing Assistants Week kicks off June 14

By | June 11, 2018 8:38 am

Carrie Gesing, former certified nursing assistant who is now a nurse, says the work is rewarding but requires true dedication.

This, like so many other important jobs, goes unrecognized. Most people could say what the duties of a nurse are, but how about a nursing assistant? One sometimes conjures up unpleasant images of a nursing assistant, but, according to former nursing assistant Carrie Gesing, it is a job that one should be proud of, and it is not for everyone.

“You know what they do?” asks Gesing. “They get water; they hug people; they talk to families. The nurses have to do so much paperwork now that it’s ridiculous. We are there to help the nurses.”

Gesing goes on to say that it takes a special kind of person to go into the certified nursing assistant field, but the basic requirement is the desire to want to help people. At 14 years old, Gesing became a candy striper. These are usually female teenagers who volunteer at a hospital. She says she always knew she wanted to help people. When asked about one of her most vivid memories working as a CNA, she remembers back to her earlier years, just starting out working in a nursing home.

“I had this little couple, and they were married,” Gesing says tearfully. “Their kids decided to put them in a nursing home, but they couldn’t be together. I rolled that lady to see her husband. It was so precious.”

After a couple of years as a CNA, Gesing went on to become a nurse. She states that anyone wanting to become a nurse should get his or her feet wet as a CNA. She also stressed that you have to have a desire to help other people and that being a CNA is a good way to find out if the nursing profession is a right fit.

“You have to love people,” says Gesing. “You have to love people that you don’t know.”

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