“Nothing but lies” says speaker about social studies book

By | October 22, 2015 6:51 am

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Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian Christian, minister, and talk radio show host, speaks to White County citizens about the alleged Islamic indoctrination taking place in the White County school system.

A meeting for White County Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination was held at Christian Life Assembly to rally and inform citizens against the seventh grade social studies textbook and call for action.

The textbook that has been causing the controversy has been deemed unbiased and factual by the White County School Board.

A total of 346 business and religious leaders, educators, and concerned residents were in attendance during the Oct. 20, 2015, meeting. Many guest speakers were present to share what they believed to be truth about a textbook adopted by the White County School Board of Education for the 2015-16 school year.

During the Sept. 10, 2015, school board meeting, the “textbook was found to be factual and absent of bias and opinion,” by the textbook committee. The textbook was retained by a unanimous vote.

Some residents in White County are enraged by the outcome of the decisions of the school board. Guest speakers in attendance at the Oct. 20 meeting are calling for the resignation of school board members.

Steve Gill, former talk show radio host said, “We are calling out the school board members by name. We encourage you to do that as well. Call them up on the phone by name and demand they resign. Demand they listen to the citizens of Sparta.”

Other speakers, such as attorney Mike Sheppard and Dale Walker, a pastor, spoke before the special guest speaker, Usama Dakdok, made his presentation.

“Decisions should not be made behind closed doors when it affects our children’s lives, and we should not have indoctrination or preference shown in 37 pages,” stated Sheppard. “That is something that should come from you, come from your church, and come from your pastor. That is not for textbooks.”

Walker, president of the Tennessee Pastors Network, stated his opinion that, “When they come here, all we want them to do is to assimilate to our society. We do not want to assimilate to their beliefs.”

Dakdok, an Egyptian Christian who immigrated to the United States, teaching through ministry what he believes to be the truth about Islam, gave a two-hour presentation about the textbook.

“This textbook is fiction,” stated Dakdok.

Dakdok presented excerpts from the Qur’an and contrasted them with what was found in the textbooks, declaring there is no truth to be found in the textbook.

“That book had nothing but a bunch of lies,” he declared. “We are going to throw this book and those who support it into the trash can.”

Petitions were handed out while residents were encouraged to protest the businesses of school board members, hoping to make them resign from their elected positions.

There will be additional meetings in the future to learn more about Islam and how it may affect White County.


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