Findlay Elementary honor roll

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Third quarter honor roll

Third grade

A honors: Ava Baker, Wyatt Blaylock, Nick Byrge, Isabella Carmichael, Dayla Cavanah, Tallon Colwell, Tailor Cox, Katie Eller, Cole Gentry, Andrew Groff, Phoebe Hale, Solomon Hawkins, Laney Kinnard, Abram Lawson, Conner Liner, Ily Madge-Osbourne, Kylie Nowicki, Bruno Sergio, Jack Walker

A-B honors: Abigail Austin, Callie Bowman, Ellieonna Davis, Alivia Davis, Victoria Davis, Ashlyn Dodson, Mattalin Hargrove, Amber Kollmorgen, Eva Loveland, Magyn Mangrum, Brooke Martin, Emma Nash, Taylor Poteet, Aubrey Price, Caitlynn Pritchard, Kaylee Sanders, Ashlyn Selby, Avree Stover, Jaxon Vincent

Fourth grade

A honors: Langley Austin, Lorelei Bouldin, Paisley Bryant, Jayde Bumbalough, Kameron Caldwell, Gracie Clark, Angel Clark, Zachary Conley, Ashley Gibson, … Read More

Cookeville History Museum hosting preservation workshops April 21

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Want to keep your family heirlooms safe and beautiful for generations to come?

The Cookeville History Museum is hosting free family treasures preservation workshops April 21. Participants may call 520-5455 to register for the following time slots: 10-11:30 a.m., 12:30-2 p.m. or 2:30-4 p.m. Each session is limited to 10 people.

“In these small group workshops, you’ll learn how to safely archive your family’s photos, art pieces, textiles, metals, glass, ceramics, leather goods and more,” Beth Thompson, Cookeville museums manager, said. “You’ll also take home a free information packet for future reference and some archival materials to help you get started.”

The workshops – a partnership between Cookeville … Read More

Early voting begins April 11

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Early voting for the May 1 Democratic Primary: April 11-26, 2018

8 a.m.-4 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

10 a.m.-6 p.m. (Tuesday, Thursday)

9 a.m.-noon (Saturday)

Virginia Nell Vanwinkle

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Virginia Nell Vanwinkle, 82, passed away April 6, 2018, at Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

Mrs. Vanwinkle was born on Aug. 20, 1935, in Covington County, Alabama, to Lonnie and Pennie Veasey.

She was preceded in death by her son, Ricki B. Hutchins; parents, Lonnie and Pennie; sister, Sarah Kaliff; and brothers, Henry J. Veasey and Owen Veasey.

Survivors include her husband, Sherman; two loving sons, Michael (Valerie) Hutchins, Darrell Hutchins; brother, Jim (Dee) Veasey; grandchildren, Amanda N. Williams, Dallas S. Hutchins, Amy M. Hutchins, Emily N. Hutchins and significant other Jason Griffith; great-grandchild, Carson Griffith; and two loving nieces, Brenda Sweeney and Martha Elizabeth Smith.

Funeral service will … Read More

Warriorette tennis team picks up their first win of the season

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The White County High School Warriorette tennis team picked up its first win of the season, on Wednesday afternoon, when they had a makeup match against DeKalb County High School. The Warriorettes won six of their nine matchups against DeKalb County.

For the Warrior tennis team, the Warriors struggled in their matchup against DeKalb County, only winning two of their nine matchups.

In the Warriorettes’ singles matches, Macey Tollison won her matchup against Kayla Belk in the top spot. Tollison won 8-0 over Belk. In the second seed matchup, Emma Stewart won her matchup over Faith Judkins 8-3. Raylee Colwell won the fourth seed matchup over Marlene Cornilla … Read More

WCHS softball suffers lopsided district loss

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Sarah Parker goes down to get a pitch. Parker had one hit, on Thursday night, which scored both of the Warriorettes’ runs in the fourth inning. (Photo by SCOTT WILSON)

After having started off the season winning 11 of their first 14 games, the White County High School softball team fell on a hard time this past week, suffering a lopsided loss to Cookeville, on Thursday night.

The Warriorettes struggled to get much going offensively as they would finish the game with only three hits. Cookeville would jump out to an early 11-0 lead at the end of the second inning, and the game would be called at the end of the fifth inning due to a run-rule with the score being 13-2.

The Warriorettes would score all of their runs in the fourth inning. Macayla Rogan scored … Read More

Rolling stones live at the graveyard

Posted by | April 9, 2018 6:29 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

Defeating the grave means giving life. But what does that mean for us today. Pretty much what works diligently to enslave and bind us, we have power over through Jesus.

What wants to give us death is defeated with life. If we give our lives to Christ, then we are his child – grafted to take on his DNA. If he can do it in himself, he can do it in us.

Take a look with me in the book of Mark, and I think we will find that there are more of us involved in the resurrection than we thought. Verse … Read More

When disciples have a problem

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By Derrick Coble – West Sparta church of Christ

We don’t like problems! Problems leave us unsettled, perplexed, and distressed. But, we all have them and we all face them often – sometimes daily! Even the disciples of Jesus (while he was personally with them) had problems. One big problem had to do with their faith.

Matthew recorded how a man came to Jesus with an urgent need (Mat. 17:15-20). His son was possessed with a demon that continually overpowered him causing him to fall into fire and water. The man revealed that he brought his son to the disciples but they could not cure him. Jesus did … Read More

Legislative Review

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By State Representative Paul Sherrell

Working group releases recommendations; puts forth plan to significantly increase funding for school safety and security

The working group organized to make recommendations for immediate enhancements to school safety across the state officially released their proposals in Nashville. The working group identified three immediate priorities:

  1. A review and risk assessment of all school facilities to identify vulnerabilities;
  2. An increase in available resources to help secure school resource officers (SROs);
  3. And a statewide technology application for anonymous reporting of security threats.

The group’s proposal directs the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Education and local officials, … Read More

Sparta Speaker Series spring 2018 begins April 10 at Oldham Theater

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Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. – Sponsored by Friends and Staff of Virgin Falls State Natural Area and City of Sparta

April 10 – Blake Williams – From White County to Carnegie Hall

Sparta Native Blake Williams discusses the humor, history, heroes, and home that shaped his musical journey.

April 17 – Birding on the Cumberland Plateau

Believe it or not, there are over 200 species of birds that can be found in White County at various times throughout the year. What do they look like? What do they sound like? Where can they be found? How can I attract more birds to my yard? Doug Downs, a … Read More

Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be poor

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Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

For many years, we’ve been told people who are poor are that way because they chose to live in poverty. We’ve also been told our government has encouraged their choice by providing “those people” with certain programs that make it easier for them to “live off the backs of hard working Americans.” Don’t faint when I say this, but that statement does have some truth to it. I am sure we all know or have heard of people who have “scammed the system,” and families that have been on welfare for generations and don’t do anything to help themselves.

President Lyndon Johnson, … Read More

What will I leave behind?

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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

The baby boom generation now numbers around 76 million and is about 25 percent of the United States population. Boomers are generally considered those born from 1946 to 1964, the 19 years usually called the “baby boom.” We (I was born in 1959) were raised by the children of the Great Depression and the Greatest Generation. We were 40 percent of the electorate in the latest election and voted 53 percent for Trump, 2 percent more than voted for Romney four years previously. With the youngest boomers in their early 50s and the oldest pushing 70, and the millennial population exceeding … Read More

Sparta police warn residents of counterfeit currency

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Sparta Police Department is investigating several incidents that have occurred in the city involving counterfeit $100 bills.

Two incidents have occurred within the past two months involving counterfeit currency, according to Doug Goff, Sparta police investigator.

One incident occurred at the Peacock Express Convenience Store when an individual attempted to pass three $100 bills. That individual has been identified, and charges are pending.

Another recent incident involved an individual who stated he cashed his payroll check at a local business and received a counterfeit $100 in the process.

Sparta Police Department is urging residents to be alert in reference to their currency and when receiving new currency.

Counterfeit … Read More

K-9 training and competition event focuses on tracking, building searches, criminal apprehension

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A highly trained K-9 is led by its handler as the team practices search procedures. (Photo by JASON HANLEY)

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White County Sheriff Department, with On Point K-9 organization, recently joined together and hosted a law enforcement K-9 training and competition event.

This year’s K-9 training and competition event saw K-9 teams from multiple law enforcement agencies, which included Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

The On Point K-9 staff and White County Sheriff Department personnel focused their training seminars on several specialty areas, such as drug odor detection, tracking, building searches, and criminal apprehension. Training and competition exercises took place at multiple locations across White County and Sparta.

Awards and recognitions were presented on the final day of the event to … Read More

Distracted driving costs lives and raises insurance premiums

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A split second decision to use a cell phone while driving can lead to disasterous consequences. Law enforcement officials urge all drivers to exercise extreme caution and follow the tips provided in the story below.

Across the nation, April has been designated as an awareness month in hopes of encouraging drivers to adopt safer driving practices and to be aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

With the start of national Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and law enforcement agencies are urging drivers to commit to safer driving habits by putting away their smartphones, other cellular devices, and any distraction that could take a driver’s attention away from the road.

The use of technology behind the wheel has become an increasingly common cause of distracted driving incidents across the state. Distracted driving can be created by anything … Read More

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