Legislative wrap-up

Posted by | April 18, 2019 10:15 am

State Representative Paul Sherrell, of White County

Republican-Led Initiative To Expand Access To Vocational  & Technical Training Passes House

Recently, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 949, also known as the GIVE Act, to expand access to vocational and technical training for Tennessee students by a 92-0 vote.

One of Governor Lee’s first initiatives, this legislation is a two-pronged approach that utilizes regional partnerships to develop work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities. Communities will now have the funding and flexibility to build programs that best reflect local needs and work directly with private industry to structure programming.

The GIVE Act also provides funding for high school juniors and seniors to utilize four, fully-funded dual enrollment … Read More

Capitol Hill Week

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State Senator Paul Bailey, of White County

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.), April 12, 2019 –  Legislation establishing the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was approved by full Senate this week to maximize the effectiveness of government and private efforts to serve Tennesseans in need.  Senate Bill 961 facilitates collaboration between state government and faith-based and community organizations working to improve public safety, reduce addiction, strengthen families and communities, and overcome poverty in the state.

We have many non-profit and community-based organizations in our Senate district which aid our fellow Tennesseans.  They do incredible work in our communities.  Their work changes lives and is an important part of the solution for Tennessee.

The Office Of Faith-Based … Read More

White County High School ag students visit fish hatchery

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On April 10, 2019, Charles Cooper, FFA advisor/educator, and several White County High School agriculture students traveled to Celina to visit the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery.  The tour consisted of a video overview and tours of both inside and outside of the facility.  The students were also able to feed the fish.  There are several species of trout raised at this particular location.  Once the fish have reached maturity, they are released locally, statewide, and some are even shipped to other states for release into various lakes, rivers, and streams.

Preferred pronouns or prison

Posted by | April 18, 2019 9:52 am

Language of Liberty – By Abigail Shrier

If you want to control people’s thoughts, begin by controlling their words. That’s totalitarian thinking. It was once completely foreign to America. Not anymore.

Increasingly, Americans are forced to use language against their will or even their conscience or be prepared to suffer the consequences. And those consequences can be dire.

Take, for example, the issue of transgenderism, the newest “civil rights battle” of our time. A decade ago, few people could even tell you what the word “transgender” meant. Today, expressing the “wrong opinion” on the issue can cost you your business or job – or both.

Consider recent state … Read More

Ups and downs of emptiness in life

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By Topher Wiles – Central Church of Christ

What do cereal boxes, bank accounts, and toilet paper rolls all have in common?  They are all disappointing when you find them empty!  Think back to that fateful moment you’ve reached into the pantry to quickly nab that scrumptious dessert in a box for breakfast.  Do you remember your shock when you found the amount of cereal left in the cardboard would only fill your spoon?  Can you remember a time you filled your bowl of cereal only to find your milk jug with an eighth-inch of liquid in the fridge?  Do you remember how you could have throttled someone … Read More

Celebrating an old life and looking forward to a new one

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Playl’s Ponderings – By Steve Play

We had been to the building once, several years earlier, when we had fewer grandchildren, and all of us were much younger. Driving past, we were amazed at the evolution the facility was undergoing. Sanctuary was completely gutted. The roof was supported by massive iron beams. The steeple still stood atop the vestibule, but the pews and other furniture was gone. The side walls were gone, too. Only a skeleton remained.

So we drove around to the back of the church to the massive fellowship hall that temporarily hosted all the activities of the congregation.

Sitting in our vehicle, we watched the … Read More

Parent asks for policy change to allow use of private instructor

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Students at Northfield Elementary were honored for their accomplishments. Pictured are, in no particular order: Millie Qualls, Ryan Holman, Eli Carr, Aubrey Trumbley, Summer Phillips, and Mason Sims. Also pictured is Principal Beth Peek. (Photo by RON MOSES)

By Ron Moses

A White County parent addressed the school board during its recent meeting about a matter that reportedly would keep him using a private basketball instructor on school grounds.

During the April 11, 2019, meeting of White County School Board, Jason Stephenson said the school system will not allow his son to use a private basketball instructor on school grounds. The instructor would be making a profit, and that breaks an old policy on community use of school facilities. The policy doesn’t allow facilities to be used “for private profit …,” reads the policy.

Stephenson says if he wants his son to receive these special sessions, … Read More

White County High School to offer Criminal Justice Program of Study

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The White County High School Criminal Justice class visits White County Justice Center. (Photo by JERRICA DEMPS)

By Rachel Auberger

White County High School is expanding its criminal justice classes to offer a Criminal Justice Program of Study starting with the 2019-2020 school year.

“The Criminal Justice Program of Study allows students to become familiar with the way the justice system operates,” said Jerrica Demps, who teaches the criminal justice classes at the high school. “It allows students to be interactive with both local and state agencies, allowing them to participate in basic career activities.”

Some of these activities, which include communication skills, arrest tactics, crime scene investigations, mock trials, and the judicial process, have already been made available to students who have been taking … Read More

Ovie Mitchell turns 101

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Ovie (Opal) Mitchell recently celebrated her 101st birthday with balloons, a meal, cake, and ice cream at the White Possum restaurant. Mitchell was born April 14, 1918, in Georgia and moved to Tennessee, in 1943, and was married to Joe B. Mitchell. She wants to thank White Possum for a delicious meal and also the 106 people who signed her birthday card and gave her $101.

England crowned Ms. Senior Tennessee during April 13 event

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Susan England, of Sparta, has been named Ms. Senior Tennessee. England won the title during Saturday night festivities at Crossville’s historic Palace Theatre. England will now compete in the Ms. Senior America Pageant that will take place in Las Vegas, in October. England was named Ms. Senior White County during the September 2018 local pageant that has become part of the Senior Day event at White County Fair.

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