RCB Trucking is helping make dreams come true

By | May 13, 2019 7:36 am

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Rhyn Brogden and his wife, Becky, work together to ensure RCB Trucking provides professional service to its many customers all over the United States. (Photo by RACHEL AUBERGER)


By Rachel Auberger

RCB Trucking, owned by Rhyn Brogden, has risen to become the premier mover of modular homes in this area and moves approximately 400 homes a year.

Brogden, who employs close to 30 people, said his company is a full-service mover. RCB Trucking does more than just move homes. The Sparta-based company also pours footers, sets houses, and even does light bulldozer work.

“We are a progressive mover,” Brogden said. “We don’t walk away from a job. “If you have a piece of property and have purchased a home, we will get it in there.”

Brogden said that given the terrain in the Middle Tennessee area, he has invested in the equipment to be able to get homes up mountains and down unfinished roads. He said his company has all the equipment necessary to get a home from a sales lot to any property and set it on its new foundation.

“We don’t just move homes in Tennessee,” Brogden said. “We can move homes in – or to – any state in the country.”

Brogden said the “home-moving” business is not the same as it was 20 years ago.

“A mover has to be licensed and bonded,” he said. “When I put my sticker on the circuit box when I leave, I am saying that the home has met all local codes. I am liable for that for the life of the home.”

Brogden also said the industry has moved away from manufactured, or mobile homes, and has moved to modular homes. He said any home, even those two-story homes or homes with geometric designs other than the classic rectangular shape people were accustomed to 10 years ago, can be built in a factory for roughly 60 percent of the cost it would take to build it on site.

“A modular home is different,” he said. “We move it and then take it off of an I-beam with a crane, and then we set it on a foundation.”

Brogden has been working to help change the perception the general public has about modular homes. He has worked with the Systems Building Research Alliance on their Install Quality Board project to help set standards for site set-up nationwide. He has also been recently elected as an officer on the board of directors for the Tennessee Manufactured Housing Association.

“We are really trying to set standards and raise the public perception about our industry,” he said.

As for Brogden’s company located on Fred Hill Road, it is only limited in its growth by the number of employees it has. Brogden claims he has an unlimited number of jobs available.

“Right now, we are turning down work because we don’t have enough crews to set all of the houses we get calls for, and it’s a rewarding job. We are literally helping make people’s dreams come true. I love it.”

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  1. Comment by Dennis Frey

    May 13, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    Becky and Rhyn are wonderful assets to our community. They live and represent the business spirit that makes this country great. Of course, coming from Hickory Valley has something to do with that.

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