“Religious” people loved to hate Jesus the Saviour

By | March 30, 2017 7:02 am

Brian’s Biblical Minute – By Brian McCutchen

A couple thousand years ago a man entered the scene of a clannish group of elites who had the market on the know-it-all. I mean, they knew the law inside and out. They lived it. Breathed it. Talked it. Commanded it. To veer one iota of it was to break all of it. The religious elitists’ pompous attitudes were not attracting those searching for a better life; rather, they were hindering those searching.

Jesus comes on to the scene with a new kind of message. An attractive message. A grace-filled message. A hopeful message. Jesus was Kind. Compassionate. Patient. Jesus sees the searchers as an opportunity to steer them toward God. He made them feel better about themselves and about the future. Jesus was an optimist. A Can-doer. A mercy man. Jesus was the light in the darkest of moments. Jesus was the open-door for those who were being hindered by rejection from the religious elite who prevented them from seeing God as one who was a provider, a comforter, a caregiver, a protector, and a lover.

Jesus’ messages put the religious elites on the defensive. The elites came out swinging at him and looked for every opportunity to take him out…permanently. However, No matter the attempts, Jesus still stayed focused on the plan, God’s plan. The plan was to help people like the Samaritan woman whose life was in chaos in John 4. She had five husbands in her life, and now she is living with a guy. Jesus saw past her past and gave her hope – not just hope for her, but others as well. Because of Jesus’ compassion to a woman who needed it the most, the people of the town said, “We’re no longer taking this on your say-so. We’ve heard it for ourselves and know it for sure. He’s the Savior of the world!” John 4:42 (The Message)

The Samaritan revival was just one of many life-changing events that happened because of Jesus. His desire to build relationships and point people to God was the hallmark of his ministry. His desire to teach and model what he taught made way for countless people to become Jesus followers. Jesus was a change-maker, a storyteller, and a salvation giver. However, Jesus’ goodness ultimately became part of the reason many of the “religious” people hated him with a vengeance.   Their hatred grew to murderous thoughts and to eventually killing him in front of a slanderous mob whose only purpose was to make a spectacle out of him.

The murder of Jesus seemed hopeless to those who loved him. The days to follow were filled with sorrow and grief. Dismayed. Hurt. Disappointment. Defeat. Depression. Lost. Could it be that Jesus is really gone for good? His life’s work all for naught?

Any hope? Is this it?

Could it be that the one who claimed to be the bridge-builder, the better life inventor, the Holy Son of God was taken down by those who loved to hate him without a fight?

Is this really it?

Not a chance! Something extraordinary is about to happen. It will blow your mind! Get ready!


Be God Controlled!

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