Results of 2018 mid-term election

By | November 8, 2018 11:05 am

Bill Lee wins the governor of Tennessee position by over 50 percent of the votes in White County, coming in at 75.50 percent to Karl Dean’s 23.74 percent.

Lee scored 59.4 percent of statewide votes as opposed to Dean’s 38.7 percent of statewide votes. Independent Sherry Clark came in at 0.2 percent statewide votes.

In his acceptance speech, Lee explains it is very difficult to run for governor. He goes on to tell the audience that there needs to be a change in the public discourse in the state.

“I would like to congratulate Karl Dean on a well-run,” said Lee. “It’s hard to put yourself out there in front of voters.”

Closer to home, incumbent Paul Sherrell beats Democratic opponent Les Trotman for the 43rd District House of Representatives seat covering Warren, White, and Van Buren counties. In White County, Sherrell won by a 56.44 percent margin, coming in with 78.22 percent of the votes.

The Tennessee District 15 Senate seat was secured by Paul Bailey. Bailey garnered 79.38 percent of the votes from White County, beating out the 20.62 percent of the votes secured by Angela Hedgecough.

One of the races being scrutinized the most by voters was the race between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen who is an ex-Tennessee governor. Blackburn won by a wide margin bringing in 70.99 percent of the votes from White County, to Bredesen’s 27.21 percent.

In the town of Doyle, the mayoral seat was snagged by Ray Spivey, securing 68.26 percent of the votes from Doyle, to Wayne Kress’ 31.74 percent of the votes. Six alderman were voted in for Doyle: Raleigh L. Barger, Timothy Brock, Carolyn S. Poole, Jerry Rogers, Dwayne Simons, and Connie Yates Spivey.

On a lighter note, it was discovered that Eddie Murphy was a write-in candidate for the governor seat to which he received 0.00 percent of votes from White County.

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