Roadside welfare check results in one drug arrest in Van Buren

By | January 11, 2018 6:45 am

Joseph Glenn Johnson

While on patrol during the recent frigid weather, a Van Buren County sheriff deputy came into contact with a vehicle on the side of the highway, and, following a welfare check on the occupants in the vehicle, an individual was arrested on multiple drug charges.

On Jan. 1, 2018, Dustin Brisher, Van Buren County sheriff deputy, was on patrol when he came into contact with a vehicle that was parked on the side of Highway 111, near the intersection of Pine Grove Road, according to an affidavit filed with the General Sessions Court of Van Buren County. According to the affidavit, Brisher observed the driver and a passenger inside the parked vehicle slouched forward, appearing as if they were asleep.

Reportedly, because of the weather condition and the vehicle not running for a source of heat, Brisher knocked on the front window to speak to the driver of the vehicle. The driver woke up, allegedly disoriented and confused. The driver reportedly, after waking up, opened the driver side door. When the door opened, according to the affidavit, Brisher immediately smelled an odor believed to be marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

Additionally, Brisher reportedly saw in plain view in the driver’s floorboard a clear glass pipe containing burnt residue. The pipe, according to the affidavit, is commonly used in association with smoking methamphetamine. Next to the pipe was also, reportedly, a clear bag containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine.

The affidavit stated at that time Brisher ordered the driver, who was identified as Joseph Glenn Johnson, of Cookeville, to step out of the vehicle. The passenger, Raymond Iaconelli, was also removed from the vehicle, according to the affidavit.

With both occupants of the vehicle removed, Johnson was then searched where Brisher reportedly discovered in Johnson’s front pocket a clear burnt glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine. Following the search of Johnson, Brisher then reportedly searched the vehicle and discovered approximately1.07 grams of crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, a clear glass pipe, approximately 4.40 grams of green plant-like substance believed to be marijuana, a bag with approximately 0.89 grams of methamphetamine, a pill identified as Alprazolam, and a white pipe used to reportedly smoke marijuana.

Johnson claimed ownership of all the items and was taken into custody and charged with simple possession of schedule VI (marijuana), simple possession of schedule IV (Alprazolam), possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of methamphetamine. Johnson was being held at the Van Buren County Sheriff Department on an $11,450 bond and appeared for his first court date, on Jan. 4, 2018.

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