Rolling stones live at the graveyard

By | April 9, 2018 6:29 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

Defeating the grave means giving life. But what does that mean for us today. Pretty much what works diligently to enslave and bind us, we have power over through Jesus.

What wants to give us death is defeated with life. If we give our lives to Christ, then we are his child – grafted to take on his DNA. If he can do it in himself, he can do it in us.

Take a look with me in the book of Mark, and I think we will find that there are more of us involved in the resurrection than we thought. Verse 3 finds the words “who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?” Verse 6 the angel tells the women concerning Jesus resurrection “he is not here. He has risen. See the place where they laid him.” In case they were wondering, the confirmation was right before their eyes.

“Yes you have the right tomb. Yes the proof is in the bedding. Yes he has risen and is gone.” It’s been my observation that dead people stay dead, unless they are God, that is.

Now as we move into these next verses we, find where we are actually mentioned in the scriptures. In verse 7, the angel charges these ladies to, “Go tell his disciples and also go tell Peter.” Did you see it? The angel called you by name in verse 7. Yes he did; check it out. “Go tell disciples.” These are people who follow Jesus – believers in Jesus. If you are in this category, then know that he has risen. He has defeated the grave, and he did it for you, the follower of Jesus. And if he did it for himself, then he can do it for you.

But what about those that are not followers? It’s OK; you’re in there, too. The messenger says, “Also go tell Peter.” Peter is the one that rejected Jesus. The one that denied him. The one that turned his back on him. The one that said I don’t have time or a need for a savior. Yes you, the one that doesn’t want Jesus, he called you by name to say, “I did this for you. And make sure they know I did it for them.” If he did it for himself, he can do it in you.

The ladies asked in verse 3, “Who will move this stone?” That thing or group of things that so heavily weighs each of us down is the same as the stone the women envisioned on their way to the grave that day. The darkness of depression. The steady stream of negativity. The constant fighting. These and tons of other issues are the stone that keeps us inside the grave.

Folks, I’m afraid in society today we’re spending too much time on the wrong side of the stone. We’re focusing valuable attention on the grave and not enough on the savior who can move the stone. It’s time to stop living with a graveyard mentality. It’s time to purchase our tickets to The Rolling Stones live at the Graveyard and start a new life without a stone weighing us down. Get out of the graveyard and start living.

That’s about as real as I can say it. Now come on over to Christpoint Church this Sunday, and we can talk more. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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