Running America like a private company will not work

Posted By | March 27, 2017 6:53 am

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

I understand people wanted a change in Washington. They wanted someone who was different and not a life-time politician. That was the overwhelming consensus from many Democrats, Republicans and Independents. A great many of us wanted someone who wasn’t so entrenched with the two biggest political parties who, in our opinion, did not always have America’s best interests at heart. The Republicans rolled out several non-politicians. The Democrats pretty much forced Bernie Sanders to switch his party affiliation from Independent to Democrat in order to run in the primaries. Personally, I feel that was a huge mistake, but that is the past. We now have Donald Trump as the president of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump campaigned on his experience and abilities as the “very best” businessman and he would make “America Great Again.” He was long on rhetoric and promises but short on reality. I believe he honestly thought he could run the country like he ran his numerous business empires. He was the head of his companies, delegating to his children and other trusted underlings to carry out his instructions, without question. He had total control, and people did as he told them to do or they would be fired. I’m sure his children figured out, early on, how to get Daddy’s approval and probably, like most children, how to get what they wanted from him. His empire is a family-run business, and who can you trust if you can’t trust family?

The problem is the government is not a privately-owned business or a for-profit corporation. There are people in government who have more experience and, in some cases, more power than the president, at times. Even President Obama, President Bush and others have found out the hard way that if the people and Congress aren’t supporting you, you’ll be hard pressed to get whatever it is you want. Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to understand this concept. He is approaching his current position as if he has final say on everything as he did when running the Trump empire. The same “rules” do not apply because now he is the president of the United States and beholding to “We The People.” He has failed to understand the difference. On one hand, I almost have some sympathy for him. If he had taken the time to learn about the Constitution and the duties and limitations of the president, perhaps he would have had a better understanding about the people he would need in his cabinet and in his administration to help him have a successful presidency. Mr. Trump claims he is a very smart man, one of the smartest, but his ignorance of his current job won’t hurt him. It will hurt Americans and others throughout the world.

I realize Mr. Trump has been in office two months, but he has committed so many “faux pas” and hasn’t shown any regrets or any indication that he is learning from his mistakes. His behavior is still to deny any responsibility for anything he does that may be deemed inappropriate behavior for a president. He continues to threaten and bully not just the media but also anyone who disagrees with him. That may work in privately owned businesses, but not in corporations where a CEO answers to a board of directors and certainly not in government when there are two other branches of government who are obligated to provide the third branch with checks and balances. We can’t forget the president is also responsible to the American people on several different fronts.

The president is the representative of the American people, especially when he is dealing with world leaders. His behavior toward them, what he says to and about them and how he says it are reported to the world. Mr. Trump’s recent behavior toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel was insulting and infantile. His comments about and to leaders of England, Scotland and Ireland have been disgraceful. Again, his comments and behavior might work as a businessman, but he was elected to be the president of the United States. He may still be the greatest businessman on earth, but that has no bearing on his current position. It is about time he starts behaving like the president of the United States and quit acting like he is still campaigning for the position.

Mr. Trump’s tweets before he was elected and before he was inaugurated were disturbing on many levels to many people. Why is he “allowed” to continue with his inane and insane outbursts now that he is the president? It is not only embarrassing to Americans but it does nothing for our standing around the world. The worst text, so far, is the one accusing his predecessor of wiretapping his phones/communications at Trump Tower. The media was all over that and poor Sean Spicer, Trump’s communications director, was stuck with trying to defend his boss’ allegations.

At last week’s Congressional hearing regarding the possible interference by Russia during the 2016 election, FBI Director James Comey was asked about Mr. Trump’s tweets accusing former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Towers. Director Comey emphatically stated there is no evidence from any of the intelligence communities to support Mr. Trump’s serious/criminal accusations. Mr. Comey also stated that Mr. Trump and his Russian business connections have been under investigation by the FBI since July 2016. That is a disturbing revelation. The White House is trying to spin this information as if there is nothing to these investigations, and we should ignore everything that was said during that hearing. Funny how Mr. Trump and supporters sang a different tune when Mrs. Clinton was being investigated about her emails. I believe it was “lock her up!!” Funny when the shoe is on the other foot, the silence is deafening.

Mr. Trump does not understand the limitations of the president, something he should have been schooled in, possibly before he even ran for the office. There are diplomatic protocols that are extremely important to anyone who deals with foreign countries and their representatives. I am sure Mr. Trump, as a businessman, followed some traditions and rules when he was conducting business in foreign lands, but most people understand when it comes to our government and foreign governments; it is a completely different ballgame. I don’t know if Mr. Trump was offered these guidelines or if he just blew them off thinking he knew what he was doing. Again, Mr. Trump and his supporters need to realize that just because he was an “outsider” and a businessman, he, alone, cannot change how the government works.

I do believe ALL of us want a government, on all levels, to listen and hear us. We want our elected officials to be made aware of the consequences of any actions and laws they make. Mr. Trump’s business empire is a privately-owned entity, perhaps if he had a board of directors and stockholders, he had to answer to, he’d have a somewhat better understanding of how the government works. We, the people, are the stockholders. The board of directors is the legislative and judicial branches of our government. Being the president of the United States is a rather restrictive position, and yet, Mr. Trump does not want to accept that. His behavior indicates that he wants to run the United States of America as if it is HIS empire to run anyway he desires.

Unfortunately, for all of us, the big money special interest groups, long-time lobbyists and certain member of both parties in Congress are thrilled with the way Mr. Trump is ruling America, because they believe it will improve their status and bank accounts. The people who will pay the price will be the 98 percent of Americans who do not have the representation we need. That is why the “resistance movement” is getting stronger every day. The protestors are not “cry baby” liberals; they are people from all political beliefs and backgrounds who love America. They are people who are concerned about themselves and their fellow human beings. They believe affordable healthcare is essential; a quality education is good for the growth and success of our communities, states and country; and renewable energy, clean air, water and land are essential for our world. They believe that for too long our elected officials have ignored us. They have put our country in jeopardy with the obsession of power and money. No government – city, county, state or federal – is a for-profit business or corporation.

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  1. Comment by G. B.

    March 27, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Quick! Somebody set up a Limbo Stick! I believe Debra “Whines” has stooped so low, she can easily clear it at the lowest setting on the bar!

    If you want to read something well written and informative, read Jerry Jones piece which appears above this one online. It will clear out the Debra “Whines” drivel you may have just read.

  2. Comment by Just. Robinson

    March 27, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    G.B. if you hate Ms. Wines’s articles so much, then why do you feel the need to not only read it but post comments on it every week?

  3. Comment by Sam Vines

    March 27, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Because “GB” is a bully. Name calling. Childish drivel is all that is ever placed by “GB”. I quit reading what he/she writes months ago. Who you don’t have the courage to put your name your whole name on here and stand by your drivel you should go get another hobby.

  4. Comment by Trump supporter

    March 27, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    When is President Trump going to enforce the libel/slander laws he campaigned on? I’m sure this has slipped his mind with so many other issues at stake. I will “tweet” him as a reminder.

    Jerry Jones always writes excellent articles!

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