School board discusses fundraisers

By | January 15, 2018 6:39 am

White County’s director of schools and members of the school board are discussing revenue-generating options to help reduce the number of fundraisers that each sports program is conducting.

During the Jan. 11, 2018, White County School Board meeting, which was held at Central View Elementary, Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger requested that the board allow him to research and develop a plan he described as a way to reduce the need for sports programs to hold fundraisers. Dronebarger suggested using the approximately 40 school buses to generate advertising revenues for the school system that could be earmarked for the athletic programs.

“We have 38 to 40 buses,” said Dronebarger. “We could potentially see $40,000 annually in additional revenue that could be used to help cover sport program costs.”

In neighboring Putnam County, the school system utilizes small advertising boards in the rear portion on both sides of their buses to generate additional revenue.

Dronebarger stated that with the prospective advertising revenues, the school system could cover the transportation, field preparation costs, and other additional costs that sport teams now have to fundraise to cover.

“This is something that I feel we really need to do,” said Edd Cantrell, board member. “Too often, parents and students (who play multiple sports) are having to reach out to the same people over and over again each year. This can help take some of that burden off of the student and parents.”

If the school system moves forward with developing advertisement spots on buses and makes annual contributions to the various sports programs, Dronebarger proposes that the board place a limit on the number of fundraisers each sports team can do per season. The board requested that Dronebarger develop a plan and present it back to the board for consideration.

Other items on the agenda included:

-Reports from the various committees

-Discussions about the December financial report, which board member Richard McBride stated “was on target”

-Approval of various budget amendments because of state reallocations

-Discussions about the new Findlay Elementary School, which is expected to have the contractor for the project selected soon, pending state approval

White County Board of Education will have its next monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m., Feb. 8, 2018, which will be hosted by Doyle Elementary School.

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