School registration is set for Friday

By | August 2, 2018 7:56 am

Children going back to school can be an anxiety-ridden time for parents, especially when it comes to sending children to school for the first time.

There is a lot of confusion as to where the children will go on the first day of school, who their teachers are, and whether or not parents can enter the building with their children. According to Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger, parents of elementary school children are more than welcome to walk their children to class. However, at the middle school and high school level, it becomes a different issue for obvious reasons. Dronebarger encourages parents and children to show up on registration day.

“On registration day, it’s just an hour and a half,” stated Dronebarger. “We encourage everyone to show up, they will learn procedures and meet the teachers. It’s a good way to break the ice.”

Dronebarger said the first full day could be hectic. This includes children coming in on buses. These children will have to navigate the first full day on their own. For parents putting their children on a bus for the first time, their nerves can be frayed as well.

Across the nation, 25 million children go to and return from school on a school bus. According to the National Safety Council, buses are the safest mode of transportation for school children. On the other hand, they stress that parents and children must also do their part to keep it safe and running smoothly.

“For first-time children [riding the buses], parents should contact the school to get the bus route,” said Dronebarger. “They can contact the bus garage and get an approximate time the bus will arrive.”

Dronebarger encourages parents to watch their children at the bus stop and to get to know their children’s bus driver. He also said that checking children’s backpacks are a big help, too. Sometimes things get left in backpacks that shouldn’t be brought to school, and they get pulled out on the bus or in school, and it could become a dangerous issue.

“[Bus drivers] have a difficult job driving large vehicles, especially with 60 or 70 screaming kids on there,” said Dronebarger.

White County’s school calendar can be found on the White County School Board’s website at

Registration day is 8-9:3 a.m., Aug. 3, at each individual school. The first full day of school is Aug. 7.

If there are any questions about procedures and policies, Dronebarger suggested that parents contact their children’s school and ask. He stressed that schools are being staffed with people who can answer those questions.

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