Smoking in holding cell causes denial for early release

Posted By | January 14, 2002 12:00 am

Tammy Wilhite
Judge Sam Benningfield had several motions for early release to appear before him
Jan. 11.
Several of those were continued from the previous Friday due to an extra long day in court.
There were a total of 11 motions for early release to be heard.
The inmates were in the holding cell while waiting for their motions to be heard.
Judge Benningfield had all the inmates brought out at once.
When they were brought in, Judge Benningfield said, “I smell smoke.
Who’s been smoking?”
An inmate who was still in the holding cell from his court appearance, but was not up for early release raised his hand.
Judge Benningfield denied all the early releases.
It seems the inmates forgot or didn’t realize the new jail has security cameras everywhere, and the holding cell is one of those places.
An inappropriate action of a few caused a denial for the whole group.
Motions for early release can only be filed every 60 days.
The remainder of the day in court was filled with the usual continuances and pleas.
There was only one hearing held for the day, and the case was dismissed.
Judge Benningfield continued to take his tough stance against methamphetamines use.
One defendant who had meth charges asked for a bond reduction.
Benningfield replied, “In my opinion, a bond of $20,000 is not nearly enough for making methamphetamine.”

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