Solid Waste Committee addresses recycling options

By | November 8, 2018 11:14 am

The Solid Waste Committee met Nov. 5 to discuss old business and the state of the White County Landfill.

Recycling waste was again a hot topic for the committee, and White County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson explained where they are as far as recycling materials.

“We advertised for recycling stuff,” said Robinson. “Nobody would even meet with us except Caraustar.”

Robinson explained the company is not interested in accepting plastics at this time until crude oil prices go back up, but they are interested in making a deal on cardboard.

“Right now, our cardboard and paper we take to Van Buren County,” said Robinson. “This company would be interested in giving us a bailer to bail the cardboard and paper ourselves. It would have to be under a shed; it cannot be directly rained on.”

Those bails would then be loaded onto a tractor-trailer and hauled to the recycling company. Robinson said he told Caraustar that he could not give them a final answer until he gets a final answer from Van Buren County about the recycling program there.

Other items on the agenda included:

  • Director’s report-No problems to report
  • Engineer’s report-Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has asked the landfill to install an alternate leachate collection system in the current cell. Robinson explained it would not be an easy thing to do, and it would probably turn into a job that would have to be contracted out. No decision was made during meeting.

The next scheduled Solid Waste Committee meeting will be Dec. 3, at the White County Courthouse, immediately following Steering Committee B.

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