Some of the reasons America loves Donald John Trump

By | August 6, 2018 7:49 am

The Right Stuff- By Donald Holman

The American people (many of them) have fallen in love with a guy named Donald Trump. There are lots of folks that want to tell us why to hate him, but perhaps there is more to learn in analyzing the other side of the coin. Let’s do so!

I would put right at the top of the list the fact that Donald Trump loves America. Seems a strange thing to admire in a politician yet… The “modern” American liberal dialogue tries to say that love of country equals “nationalism,” which they would caution leads people to elect Hitler types because they are so convinced of their superiority by virtue of their country. Trump, though, doesn’t even waste his time talking about that because he knows honest Americans love their country for the freedom and equality it offers. Modern politicians (Obama) like to talk about America is special just like other countries think they are special. But we know differently.

It was in America that the idea that our rights come from God and not government. It was in America where we taught freedom of worship, freedom of speech, the right of privacy, and so much more. As America developed, we led the world. Think about it. Europe had centuries of civilization ahead of us, yet it was in America the first public library became a reality…and so much more. Donald Trump calls us to honor and love what our ancestors bled and died for and to realize our country deserves our love and support. Indeed to not love America is to not really deserve all that she gives us! And Trump is unashamed and unapologetic to declare his love and devotion to our great country each and every time he speaks and in a very clear and passionate way!

Secondly, Trump believes in America first. Seems obvious yet… again in modern discourse the ideals from the globalists, Democrat and Republican, has been that countries should somehow look toward the “good of the world” or be a “citizen of the world.” This is what passes for sophistication in leadership these days. And then along comes Trump, and he says not only that America should look after America first but that other countries should make decisions based on their own interests as well! These kinds of ideals are exactly what the globalists have been discouraging now for years! The globalists see themselves as the ultimate rulers, sort of like Brussels’ unelected rulers make decisions for all of the European Union. And they hate a resurgence of the ideals that made America and many of these other countries (Great Britain) great!

Thirdly, President Trump believes, as Americans, we have the right to a secure border and the ability to decide for ourselves who is allowed into our country. Some might have started with this column as the most important ideal we love about Trump, but it on the basis that we love our country and we want and have the right to decide what is best for her that the ideals of a secure border rest. Again, in modern political thought, is the idea that America had somehow plundered the world, taking the wealth of other nations for our own use. So, our wealth is undeserved, and we “owe” it to the unfortunate of the world to take care of them. We are urged to look at these hoards breaking into our country as unfortunate victims that we should “help” by allowing them to stream endlessly into our country. Let me address this idea that we owe the world. Every one of the folks coming from Latin America has a history. In their own countries, there was a time when their forebearers could have pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to defend freedom… But unlike our founders, they did not. And so, their country fell into tyranny. But that is hardly our fault. It is just further proof of how unique and special our country really is – how deserving of our love and devotion this place we live should be! We owe it to our ancestors to love and defend this place they created for us with their blood sweat and tears! President Trump calls us to that duty when he reminds us that we do not have a country if we do not have borders! And we are justly defending that which our ancestors gave their lives to pass on to us and which we owe future generations to protect and preserve for them! Trump calls us to stand proud and be aware of that heritage rather than ashamed of some imaginary “theft of resources” conjured up by globalists that do not wish us well!

Finally (for now) I would mention Trump’s calling out our history of “very stupid” trade deals. And he always reminds us those deals cost the working men and women of our country high paying jobs! Have you ever thought about his using “stupid” to describe these deals? He is really being generous when he describes it thusly. Corrupt would be more accurate, but he saves that description for another day. None of our leaders making such deals were fooled. Rather, they were “motivated” by globalists like the Koch brothers and others that whispered in their ears of the support they could provide. As Trump unwinds these deals, we can look forward to even more growth in our economy, more opportunity for ourselves, and more wealth for our nation. Another Trump promise being kept!

Undergirding all of this is President Trump’s unwavering commitment to the promises he made to us. In the past, politicians have made these same promises but withered under the burden of fighting with entrenched political interests and corrupt dealmakers that urged our elected representatives to oppose such moves. They found excuses to make rather than promises to keep. They wearied of fighting with the media that is always on the side of the globalists and special interests. These days, several of the wealthy businessmen have purchased media outlets outright to control the coverage given to political issues. President Trump is facing 90-percent-plus negative coverage by these corrupt forces set up by our forefathers to be the umpires of our nation. Instead, they have chosen sides but still try to hide under the striped uniforms of dispassionate observers. But their lies become more and more obvious when they are uncovered by a politician as fearless as President Trump.

I would end with this observation. Taking the above into consideration, what’s not to love? Until next week, keep fighting the good fight! And remember that online you can and should share these columns when you agree with their content. Our opponents own many of the methods of communication and have used them against supporters of the president. But we can use those same tools to spread the word and educate others. Let’s not let President Trump fight alone!

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  1. Comment by Sam Vines

    August 6, 2018 at 8:51 am

    Drink Kool aid much?

  2. Comment by John Acuff

    August 6, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    Outstanding but I don’t expect people who have accepted the leftist view to understand.

  3. Comment by Mamie Guy

    August 6, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    Mr. Holman, How refreshing to read an article that uplifts our president. I too believe he truly loves America and will do anything in his power to keep her people safe. The left are ‘chawing’ at the bits trying to bring him down to their level (which is mighty low). However, he keeps rising above and beyond their traps. I believe he was the answer to our prayers and will be again in 2020.

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