Sparta native running for 6th Congressional District seat

By | July 26, 2018 6:52 am

Chris Finley

Ever since he found out Diane Black was from Baltimore Maryland, Chris Finley, a Sparta native, has wanted to take over her seat as the U. S. Congress representative for Tennessee’s 6th District.

“I got curious about her because I was moving back to Sparta, and I wanted to know who was representing the area,” said Finley, who is a Democrat. “I didn’t know much about Diane Black, so I decided to start looking into it. I didn’t see that she was doing anything for the district other than sitting in the office and promoting a bunch of national Republican policies.”

Black now represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District. However, she will not be seeking that office in the 2018 elections, choosing rather to run for governor of Tennessee. Finley stated he did not see where Black had created any jobs, during her tenure in Congress, nor anything else to help the district. He went on to say he would like to see the congressional office of the 6th District revert back to a time when he was younger.

“This was in sharp contrast to when I was a child,” said Finley. “Joe L. Evins served from 1947 to 1977. He didn’t see himself moving up in the political food chain. He was happy staying right where he was and serving the people in this district. There is a reason why Joe L. Evins’ name is on so many buildings in this district.”

Finley said Evins always reached out across the aisle and tried to work together with his fellow congressmen, and he plans to do the same thing. One of his biggest concerns is to make internet and cell phone service accessible to everyone, even the people living in the most remote regions of the district.

“When TVA came in and provided electricity here, that is what saved the South,” said Finley. “All of the sudden we had factories move in and people had jobs. Cell phone and internet service is the new electricity.”

Finley stresses there are three areas that he plans to address as soon as he gets into office. Those three things are the cost of insurance and healthcare, veterans’ issues, and cell phone and internet service to everyone. As for the latter, Finley stated, “We can’t wait for private industries to do it; it’s going to take the government to come in and make the difference.”

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