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Introduction by Sharon  Langford – President, Friends of White County Animals

Friends of White County Animals established a pet food bank to help keep pets in good homes with people who love them.  We provide supplemental pet food to people who receive Meals on Wheels and commodities from Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency.  Logistics of repackaging 1500-2000 pounds of food is daunting but these special students with the enthusiastic support of their teachers has turned a challenge into the blessing of connecting our pet food outreach to education about kindness to animals in these classrooms.  It is joyful to watch the students and listen to their stories about their pets and their love and compassion for animals.

Cheryl Sullivan stores the food and manages the schedule and transportation of the food to the classrooms and Carolyn helps in the classrooms and delivers food to individuals needing temporary or supplemental food who are referred to us.  My responsibility is to get the food donated and/or purchase and deliver to Cheryl.  During commodities distribution Carolyn and Cheryl and volunteers Tony Parker and Jill Haydel give the food to the people based upon the number of pets they have.  Donna Parker, board member of White County Humane Society, and I talk to the people and encourage spaying and neutering. I ask about the status of their pets and refer to Donna if they have pets who are not spayed and/or neutered and Donna gives them handouts including transport schedules and contact information from White County Humane Society about programs to help with the cost of spaying and neutering.

We are so grateful to all who are helping keep pets in homes with people who love them!

Cheryl’s story:

Since the hustle and bustle of the holidays have passed, I’d like to take a few minutes to express how thankful we are at the Friends of White County Animals (FWCA).

We are very thankful for the WCHS SPED (Special Education) Classes (Nancy Benningfield and Jill McCulley) for their hard work in helping bag the pet food and the WCMS SPED Classes (Upshaw and Jackson) for their help in bagging the cat food for commodities this past year.  What an awesome group of young people to work with.  They are so eager to help the people and animals in our community.  What an awesome community project!  These young people help bag the food which then helps people who need assistance feeding their animals to be able to keep their pets in a loving home and off the streets.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

We at FWCA are so proud of these kiddos!  We love to hear the stories about their own pets as they work on this project.  We love to see them working together like a well-oiled machine.  They help each other accomplish a task benefiting others with no personal gain and their only concern when we are finished is “When we are going to do it again?”!!  Such pure hearts!!

We’d like to thank Cub Scout Pack 294 for donating over 233 pounds of dog and cat food.  Also, thanks to “Miss Carrie’s Dance Academy” for donating over 140 pounds of cat food, kitty litter, bleach, dog food and dog treats.  And, a special thanks to “White County Farmer’s CO-OP” for hosting a pet food drive and “Dog and Company” for their continued food drives and hosting the Pet Santa pictures fund-raiser.

We love this community we live in!  So thanks again to everyone that has taken any part in this project.  The pet owners are thankful, the pets are grateful, and we are humbled by such caring people.  If you see any of these people, give them praise for the wonderful gift of compassion.  If you would like to help in our mission contact us at:  FWCA, PO Box 6231, Sparta, TN  38583

Carolyn’s story:

Friends of White County Animals is an amazing group of dedicated volunteers who help animals and the people who love them in many ways, including handing out dog and cat food to people who love their animals and want to keep them in their homes, but struggle to make ends meet at the end of the day.  The hours it takes to package the food is overwhelming for one or two people, so one of our new board members, Cheryl Sullivan was able to get help from the White County Middle and High School Special Education classes.

I got to be a part of the “food re-packaging” at the high school and my eyes were opened to the most generous and loving spirits.  These young adults wanted to help, wanted to do whatever they could to help others who were less fortunate than them and did not want anything in return.

Cheryl, Sharon and I were greeted at the High School door by the students who wanted to help us carry in the bags of pet food, just to make it easier on us.  They were excited to get to help re-package the large bags of food into quart and gallon size bags for distribution at food commodities.  These kids were helping make a difference in someone’s life and I was overwhelmed watching them.

They almost seemed sad when it was over but knew they had “done something good” and couldn’t wait for the next time.  These wonderful sweet hearts are helping make a difference for someone who loves their pets and just needs a little help from others.

Friends of White County Animals is an amazing group for helping others and we have been made stronger by the help from these incredible kids and all they are doing to help others in need.

Closing by Shirley Smith – Board member, Friends of White County Animals

To hear these three stories of how these special young people yearn to do this project each time to assist others and how they experience that nice feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of helping others after the job is completed is so heart-warming.

If you would like to help with this mission by donating pet food or monetary funds to continue this project of the pet food bank, please contact us at:  Friends of White County Animals, PO Box  6231, Sparta, TN 38583, or visit our website at:  www.friendsofwhitecountyanimals.org and hit the “donate now” button.  You can also drop off bags of dog or cat food at the White County Farmer’s Co-op or purchase pet food at the Co-op and donate in our FWCA collection bin located at the Co-op.

If you would like to stay aware and up-to-date on our projects, please subscribe to our FWCA monthly newsletter from our website by entering your email address under the newsletter heading or at the bottom of the webpage.

You may also donate to Friends of White County Animals in “memory or a tribute” to a person or a beloved pet.  Please go to our FWCA website at:  www.friendsofwhitecountyanimals.org for your tribute or memorial donations and view our special FWCA Memorial Page.

Please do your part to control White County’s animal population and have your pets spayed or neutered.  If you wish to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered and cannot afford the cost, the White County Humane Society can provide financial assistance for spay/Neuter Coordinator at (931) 935-8377.

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