Spencer Elementary teams lose to Sparta’s Woodland Park

By | November 9, 2018 10:15 am

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Branson Farley fights for the ball

Eaglettes get a jump ball

 Story by Tara Reid – Photos by Stephanie Sullivan

Spencer Elementary boys’ and girls’ basketball suffered devastating losses Nov. 1, 2018 against the Woodland Park Elementary Panthers.

The Eaglettes, despite their tremendous effort, ended the first period without scoring a shot to answer the 15 points gained by the Panthers. Cara Mills scored the only point for the Eaglettes in the second period with a foul shot. The second period ended with the score 23-1 for Woodland Park.

At halftime, the Panthers’ cheerleaders performed, showing off their prep skills and ending with a basket catch for all three flyers.

The third period saw the Panther girls gain an additional 9 points against the Eaglettes, with the period ending 32-1 in favor of the Panthers. The Eaglettes’ defense did not allow any points to be scored in the fourth period and ended the game with a final score of 32-1, with the Woodland Park Panthers taking home the victory.

During the break, before the boys took the court, the Spencer Elementary School Dribble Team had the floor, showcasing their talent dribbling the ball at different heights and demonstrating their wraparound skills to the crowd.

The Eagles’ defense was tested early on in the first period, with the Panther boys gaining an unanswered18-point lead by the end of the first period. During the second period, the Eagles played hard and only allowed 2 points to be scored by the Panthers, ending the first half 20-0 for Woodland Park Elementary.

The Spencer Elementary cheerleaders and mascot delighted the crowd during halftime with their energy and execution of the elevator stunt.

Period three was full of excitement and the fans were cheering loudly for both teams. Jack Palken, Levi Walker, and Callyn Sullivan each scored 2 points, while allowing the Panthers to score an additional 6 points, ending the third period 26-6. The Panthers scored 2 more points during the fourth period to end the game with a final score of 28-6, the night ending with victories for both the boys’ and girls’ teams from Woodland Park Elementary.

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