State Farm and Jared Howard host grand opening May 4

By | May 10, 2019 9:20 am

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Sparta-White County Chamber of Commerce hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, on May 4, 2019, at State Farm - Jared Howard, on Mose Drive, in Sparta. Members of the community as well as business owners and representatives attended the event. (Photo by KIM SWINDELL WOOD)

By Rachel Auberger

Jared Howard and his State Farm staff hosted a grand opening at their Mose Drive location, on May 4.

“This is our first opportunity to show our office to the community,” Howard said. “Even though we have been open and serving customers for about a month, I waited to host the grand opening because we really wanted to offer a great community event.”

Along with the traditional ribbon cutting, Howard had several activities going on throughout the day including “swag” bags, cold drinks, and coloring books and crayons for the kids.

Jesse Rector and the Chubby Donkey food truck were on the scene to provide food for visitors.

According to Howard, State Farm evaluated the size of the area the Sparta office serves and decided the best way to serve the customers was by adding a second agent.

“The benefit to having two agents, two offices, in Sparta is that now there is another whole set of staff available to serve the people,” Howard explained. “White County is a large county, and it serves as a hub for Van Buren County and Rock Island as well. Having an office on each end of town makes us more accessible to the people who need us.”

Howard opened his State Farm Insurance office, on April 1, and brought Molly Wenzel and Christie Cash, who had both worked for the previous two State Farm agents in White County, Tommy Pedigo and Leah Cox, on staff with him.

“They’re both great ladies, and they know the people of Sparta and what their needs are and have an idea of how we can best serve the community,” Howard said.

Howard has big goals for his agency.

“I would like to achieve the status of ambassador location,” he said and explained this would mean he was in the top 10 percent of State Farm agents.

“Of course, the main goal is just to serve the community,” he added, stating that he plans for his office to be a part of community events, host events, and, of course, meet the insurance needs of the people of White County and the surrounding areas.

Howard said, “I am ready to jump in and fill a need.”

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