Student resource officers in place for each school

By | October 1, 2018 9:25 am

L-R: Sgt. Allan Hale, SRO Northfield Elementary; Sgt. David Grissom, SRO White County High School; Sgt. Dustin Reels, SRO Woodland Park Elementary; Capt. Kenny Dobson, SRO White County Middle School; Sgt. Wade Phillips, SRO Findlay Elementary, Sheriff Steve Page; Sgt. Steve Turpin, SRO Cassville Elementary; Sgt.Scott Odell, SRO Doyle Elementary; and Sgt. Wade Pike, SRO BonDeCroft Elementary (Photo by RIMA AUSTIN)

The White County school system and the White County Sheriff Department have teamed up to ensure the schools within the county remain safe.

The sheriff department has recently hired new school resource officers to provide at least one officer at every school. The state providing funding for them makes the addition easier.

On Sept. 27, Senator Paul Bailey announced that White County received over $158,000 in state grants to be utilized for school safety and security. Bailey was a member of Gov. Bill Haslam’s School Safety Working Group, which recommended to the Tennessee General Assembly to give more money to the cause. The general assembly earmarked $35 million for the 2018/2019 school budget for school safety.

“The safety of our schools is an important factor to a good learning environment for our students,” said Bailey. “I am pleased that this process allowed professionals in both the education and safety fields, along with elected officials to collaborate on the best way to address school safety needs. This new funding for school safety leads the way to make immediate and impactful security improvements in our schools.”

It takes a special person to work with children on a daily basis, a commitment that isn’t shared by everyone. The officers that chose to be a part of Sheriff Steve Page’s and Capt. Kenny Dobson’s SRO team, according to their commanding officers, have what it takes.

“These officers were chosen because of their dedication to making this community better,” said Dobson. “I have complete trust in them to protect our kids.”

All of the officers will be attending school resource officer training, in Cookeville, during fall break. Page stated that children face an array of challenges every day in school, and he wants them all to know they have an additional ally if they need it.

“The goal of having officers at each school is not only to protect our children and serve this community but also to guide, instruct, and mentor the youth of White County,” said Page. “This is incredibly important to me.”

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