Tennessee will have several new laws going into effect Jan. 1

By | December 28, 2017 8:40 am

Although the Tennessee General Assembly is currently not in session, there are 16 new laws that were passed by state legislators in 2017 that will officially go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

As most Tennesseans are focused on the holiday season, they are not focused on keeping up with new laws that could potentially have an impact on Tennesseans in 2018.

The following are some of the 16 new Tennessee laws that will be going into effect on Jan. 1.

-Fines and penalties (SB0802) – Amends the laws that governs payment plans and stays from license revocations for assessed litigation taxes, court costs, and fines. Adds to the grounds for hardship school with participations in a recovery court, veteran’s treatment courts, and other reasons or destinations determined by the court.

-Juvenile Courts (HB0862) – Enacts the “Tennessee Zero to Three Court Initiative” to create five additional zero to three court programs throughout the state to be administered by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

-Motor Vehicles (HB0141) – Enacts “The Motor Vehicle Recall and Disclosure Law” which prohibits automotive dealers from selling a used motor vehicle before obtaining a recall database report for the vehicle that is not older than 48 hours prior to the sale of the vehicle.

-Prescription Drugs (SB0429) – Authorizes the Tennessee Department of Health to establish a prescription drug donation repository program statewide.

-Higher Education (SB0723) – Enacts the “Campus Free Speech Protection Act” which applies to every public higher education institution to adopt a policy affirming a wide range of free speech principles protected by state law.

-Disabled Persons (SB0597) – Allows disabled adults to have paid personal aides to perform health maintenance tasks for them.

-Criminal Offenses (SB0954) – Makes driving in any actively marked school zone while using a hand-held mobile telephone a class c misdemeanor and publishable with a $50 fine.

-Sports Physicians (SB0413) – Enacts the “Visiting Sports Team Act” which allows physicians licensed in another state to practice medicine while employed to provide medical services to academic sports teams while in Tennessee.

For a complete list of the new state laws going into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, visit the Tennessee General Assembly website at capitol.tn.gov.

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