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By | August 30, 2018 9:48 am

Valerie and Randy Norris are ready to serve the community through their new business venture, The Art Bin. Valerie Norris, a former school psychologist, wants to help children through art therapy. (Photo by RIMA AUSTIN)

Valerie Norris was a school psychologist for many years, so children with behavioral and learning issues are something she has worked closely with in the past.

Norris also knows what an impact art can have on these children. When the politics of public education became too much for her, she decided, with the help and support of her husband, Randy Norris, to open up a venue that could intertwine the two together. This was the idea behind her new art shop, The Art Bin.

“I was a school psychologist, and they traded to Response to Intervention, so my entire job changed within a matter of years,” said Valerie Norris. “They put [the students] through a bunch of interventions before they got to me, as far as making them eligible for special education services. I was just stressed out beyond belief, and I got fed up, so I quit.”

Valerie Norris stated her ultimate goal would be to have classes for autistic children or anyone that would benefit from art therapy. Parties are popular with her as well. She has three parties planned, in September. Norris also said she does birthday parties, and she has hosted groups such as the Girl Scouts. She explained that groups get a discount on the price, so it is a lot cheaper to come in as a group.

“I’m losing a little bit on groups,” said Valerie Norris. “But I enjoy doing it.”

Valerie Norris pointed out that her location is perfect for birthday parties because Charity’s Bake Shop is next door, and Domino’s Pizza is also in close proximity. She stated that she welcomes anyone who wants to have a party and wants to bring in food.

“For birthday parties, I would love for them to go to Charity’s Bake Shop next door,” said Valerie Norris. “Their cupcakes are to die for. I had a birthday party here. I just set up a table, and we put the food and presents on it.”

The Art Bin offers canvas-painting classes for adults and children. Every Saturday, 2-4 p.m., Norris has the Kids’ Canvas Painting special for $10. Children, ages 4-16, can come in on Saturday afternoons and take advantage of the special. Norris encourages people to call first to let her know they are coming because classes fill up quickly and she wants to make sure she vacancies.

To schedule a visit or have a party, call (931) 981-9333 or email her at Norris said they could also be found on Facebook under key words The Art Bin 2018.

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