The calm before the storm

By | May 6, 2019 8:25 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Two weeks have passed since we last gathered to chat. And what of note has happened? In a roughly chronological order we start with former Vice President Joe Biden’s launch. If you watched Joe’s speech and his appearances since, you must be wondering if Joe is gonna make it to the conclusion of the primaries, much less the general election. In his opening speech, I was wondering if he needed to go to the bathroom or had some other emergency going on. The last five minutes or so he rushed through his speech, maintaining the same almost yelling sound to his voice, including even his conclusion. It was just not the speech of a man that as vice president should have been able to relax, read the prompter, and vary the cadence and sound of his voice. Not an auspicious beginning!

Starting with White House Counsel Don McGahn, President Trump has made it clear he has no intention of aiding the Democrats’ plan to keep up the appearance of investigating his administration. He is refusing to allow White House counsel to appear in the House to answer questions regarding the administration and Trump’s possible misdeeds. Furthermore, the president has made it plain he has no intention of allowing any appearances from his administration. The Democrats had planned several appearances by administration figures to keep up the appearance that an investigation was continuing, even after Mueller’s investigation had ended. Trump’s refusal to provide administration members for them to badger and heckle has really thrown a chunk in their election theatrics strategy…I hate that for ‘em!

On the jobs and unemployment fronts, Trump continues to amaze with the latest numbers revealing the lowest unemployment numbers in 50 years. Just announced, this past April saw 263,000 new jobs against a forecast of 190,000. Not so well noted, the previous two months’ numbers were upgraded with increases of 15,000 total new jobs in those two months as well. We all remember when the Obama administration announced that, as a “mature economy,” the United States could no longer expect robust job growth in the 3 percent to 5 percent range. President Obama even went so far as to say that Trump would have to have a “magic wand” to create the kind of job growth he (Trump) was promising. Yet the minute President Trump’s job growth began, Mr. 1 percent mature economy former President Obama tried to take credit for the rebounding economy. Do these people not realize their speeches are recorded, their prognostications printed, and their appearances on the campaign trail remembered? President Obama was pursuing the economic policies of Europe’s leftist Socialist economies and getting the same results. Since we have records, it would be wise for President Obama to abandon such foolish attempts to take credit. It was only by abandoning the economic policies of Obama that we have achieved growth. Furthermore, I would argue Obama’s policies made the recession worse!

This week, we have witnessed the beginning of several events that will shape the dialogue between now and the 2020 election. One of the biggest subjects available for the pundits to chew on will be the investigations of the origins and scope of the investigations of candidate, then President Trump. If you remember the days of the Clinton impeachment, the Clintons were masters of the limited hangout. This was an attempt to pre-empt bad news by leaking it yourself to sympathetic reporters in order to shape the resulting coverage. Such as that looks to be the piece in the New York Times that discusses the possibility that George Papadopoulos was, in fact, being courted by the FBI. Once that is admitted to, a whole new deck of cards is opened. You may recall that I wrote in this column nearly a year ago that Admiral Rogers, head of the NSA, had a meeting with then-candidate Trump in a secure meeting room and told him that his office’s communications were being monitored. Well, that whole series of events will soon come to light. Remember, there has been several investigations going on. Horowitz has been investigating FISA warrant abuse, there is a leak investigation continuing, Huber was charged by Sessions to be doing some investigating… And now we have some interesting developments from our new attorney general.

Keep in mind this new attorney general has talked about blowing this scandal wide open. It explains the attacks on him in this last week.

Speaking of which, were you surprised at the brutal assault on our attorney general by the Senate members that were supposed to be questioning him? Mazie Heronos, senator from Hawaii, asked no questions but just sat there, calling Barr a bunch of names. So why the big assault? The answer lies in the series of questions the chair asked Barr, and he answered in the affirmative. He asked Barr whether he was going to investigate: the beginning DATE of the investigation of Trump, the evidence requiring the investigation, why Trump wasn’t warned of Russian intentions… On and on the questioning went, and Barr answered each and every question in the affirmative.

So, we now know that A.G. Barr is going to break wide open a huge scandal that is going to badly damage the standing of the Obama administration and possibly jail some former Obama administration members. Barr must be discredited at all costs, even while they do their “limited hangout” to try and shape the information coming in the most positive light possible. Don’t be surprised if more “scoops” come out of left-wing friendly news outlets concerning these scandals. And don’t let it take away from the outrage that should be felt. What we are about to see are the awesome powers of our federal government were used to try and elect another Democrat to the presidency of the United States.

I am out of space for this week…And what a week it has been! If you recall all the times I wrote here of the illegal efforts to sabotage the Trump team… You won’t be surprised at what slimy stuff is exposed to the light of day. Watch and listen closely… The country your reaction saves may be your own.

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  1. Comment by David N Creason

    May 6, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    Don, you are very much… On-Point with your observations!

    The Dems do not know what is about to hit them!
    Barr is going to unravel every thread from their fancy business suits and present them with new and appropriate orange jumpsuits!
    Justice will prevail and history will be made when an ex President, and an ex-Secretary of The State are hopefully charged for treason and various related charges. With that being said…every cronie and henchman under their command wil be served-up first.
    A day of reckoning is here! The other shoe is about to drop!
    Don, keep up the good work! There is hope for a better America and we all must discern the truth and clean up Washington; Now!

    David N Creason

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