The Candle Barn gets ready for Christmas

By | November 5, 2001 12:00 am

Emily Moorehead
The Candle Barn is getting ready for a warm and bright holiday season as chief candle makers and owners, Dot Adcock and Stacey Weaver work daily to fill orders for the many gift baskets and specialty orders they have received from early holiday shoppers.
Weaver and Adcock learned the craft of candle making after Weaver’s mother and an aunt purchased the business, Candles and More, from Debbie Price last September.
“Me and my other aunt, Dot, started helping them,” said Weaver.
“They had a business in Wartburg, which they have since sold, and we did the business down here.
We renamed it The Candle Barn, because we were using my uncle’s old milk barn for our candle making.”
The Candle Barn offers many products which compliment their candles such as shower gels, lotions, soaps, bath salts, lamp rings with scented oils, and seasonal bows.
With over 100 candle scents from which to choose, Weaver and Adcock continue to add scents which please their many customers.
“We’ve added Candy Corn, Christmas Mulberry, Lemon Cake, China Rain, Mulberry Spice, Christmas Blender, Passion Fruit, Fuzzy Navel, Joop for Men, and Pound Cake among others,” said Weaver.
“We also have Wings for Women in candles, shower gel, bath salts, soap and lotion.”
The Candle Barn has recently instituted an easy way for executives to shop for employees through The Candle Barn Corporate Gift Service, whereby they will create gifts and gift baskets for busy executives to their employees. They also offer fund raising services for churches and other organizations.
Additionally, The Candle Barn’s products are found in the Be Smart Store, located at Cassville Elementary School.
“We also have a Sweet Freedom candle that is red, white and blue, and French Vanilla scented,” said Weaver.
“They are very popular, especially at the festivals we go to.”
Currently offering Halloween and Thanksgiving specialty candles and containers, The Candle Barn is now in production on Christmas items.
One of the innovations of their store is the “Make Your Own Candle” station which Stacy said was wonderful for children and adults who wish to easily make their friends and relatives Christmas or special occasion gifts.
Colored and scented wax shavings sit in large jars, ready for customers to spoon into various specialty containers to execute quick and lovely handmade gifts.
The Candle Barn is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.
For more information and directions to their shop, please phone Dot Adcock at 761-2915 or Stacey Weaver at 761-7990.

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