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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

And so here we are – just a few days after we have received the four-page summary of the Mueller Report. We have learned what many of us have known all along – there was no Russian collusion. I would like to say at the outset I bear no malice toward my brothers and sisters that believed otherwise. The fraud was certainly promoted in every way, except with evidence. There was innuendo, rumor mongering, whispers in the hall – all the trappings of the next big scandal. But after all the smoke clears, we find…nothing. And what about obstruction of justice?

This charge, other than the hope of interviewing the president in person and producing a perjury charge, is the one charge the opponents of the president hoped to be able to provoke over the course of their investigation. They had some hope that in the course of squeezing those close to the president they could provoke him into firing someone or otherwise reacting to their extremely aggressive investigation tactics in a way they could claim was “obstructing” their investigation. But let’s look back to the beginning of this little charade.

You may recall, at the outset of the investigation, President Trump told all his people to cooperate. He had hired lawyers that were firmly on the side of cooperating with the Mueller investigation, convinced once Mueller realized there was no collusion, he would wrap up his investigation and life could go on. It was only after roughly a year in which the president opened the history of his presidential run to Mueller, and yet the investigation dragged on that the President became confrontational. He hired different, more aggressive lawyers, and began to openly call out the investigation and Mueller for lacking an honest intent. And why now do so many people begin to wonder when Mueller knew there was no collusion?

There was no huge effort by the Russians to steal our election. In spite of all the “talk,” think about what Russia actually did. They had a few websites out there promoting disunity. They only spent $46,000 on Facebook ads that were seen by only a few thousand people. Oh, they had a few websites that were dedicated to spreading misinformation, but there was no major effort to interfere with our 2016 election by the Russians. So how long could it have taken Mueller to realize even these feeble efforts were not “coordinated or advised” by the Trump campaign? And remember, also, the Trump campaign was a relatively small one. With their cooperation, there was no way that Mueller did not know, in very short order, that Trump had not colluded. So why did he delay so long to clear Trump of the collusion charge?

The hope was that by squeezing Trump and his friends and acquaintances, they would provoke Trump into firing Mueller or taking some other action they could use to promote the obstruction of justice charge. But let us think about this carefully. The charge is not obstructing the investigation but rather obstructing “justice.” With no underlying crime, how could the president be charged with obstructing justice? The definition of justice: “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause.” So, if there is no underlying crime, how can pointing out various problems with the investigation be obstructing justice? Surely an innocent man has the right to defend himself when he is undergoing what he believes to be an unjust investigation.

So, at the end of the day, the attorney general and the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, both cleared the president of the charge of obstruction. And why did Mueller choose not to do so? This is one the clearest examples we have that Mueller was not impartial. These kinds of decisions were exactly what he was paid to make. But he left that one open in order to make the clearing of Trump look political. Let’s be real; Mueller only had two choices. Either he had the goods to charge the president with obstruction or he didn’t. Since he didn’t, the choice is obvious. Yet he left it to the AG.

So, what we are left with is the reality that starting almost immediately after Trump won the nomination, the bureaucracy of the Washington establishment decided to open an investigation into the Trump campaign. They wiretapped, they tried to insert “spies,” they used the power of government to attempt and secure a political result in which the Democrats would remain in power and secure the White House. Because if Mueller could determine in a very short time Trump was not colluding, certainly the FBI and the CIA could have as well. Yet they continued to monitor the president past his election and into his first few months in office.

I said at the outset of this article that I had no animus against anyone fooled by the charges against President Trump. But going forward is a different story. If you think back on this event, why would a successful real estate tycoon, with billions of dollars jeopardize, his last few years of life coordinating an election with the Russians and putting himself in jeopardy of spending his remaining years disgraced and in jail? Now if he were a political animal that only had a life inside politics, maybe he would be so foolish. But that is not Trump. So common sense should have told us all this was highly improbable.

But not since Mohammed Ali have I seen a man so hated by members of the public for no real reason. And it is this sort of visceral hatred of President Trump that has clouded people’s judgment and allowed this hoax to gain traction. But now that we know that Trump is not a traitor, can we get people over their unreasonable hatred of this man? I am not sure we can! People not only hated Mohammed Ali; they wanted him to be hurt. They wanted to see him fail. And I see much of those same currents of hatred, resentment, and fear present today in regard to Trump.  I hope we all take a deep breath and realize we have been had. Let’s all relax, realize the good things that have happened for our country while we were held in thrall over a delusion. And let’s let it go!

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  1. Comment by Tommy Austin

    April 1, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Another excellent article, Cuz. Keep up the good work, but don’t expect any great attitudenal changes from many of aur democrat friends. TDS is real and has infected many otherwise healthy individuals.

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