The smothering mothering type

By | May 13, 2019 7:42 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

Think back on your childhood years, and you may remember a time when you felt smothered by your mother. You may have wanted to visit a friend or play a game, but she refused for some reason or another. Maybe she was over protective or overly careful. Either way, you just felt suffocated. Chances are, for most of us, we were being mothered with caution out of love. Mom said “no,” and, under that toughness, there was always a good reason for our disappointment.

There was another type of mother recorded in the Old Testament book of 1 Kings chapter 3. She was a prostitute and lived in the same house with another lady with the same profession. They both gave birth to babies, but, in the darkness one night, one of the mothers smothered her child. At this point, she switched the children to give the second mother her dead baby while she took her friend’s living child. A dispute broke out and their petition was brought before the new king Solomon. They both argued their case as the rightful parent. Solomon offered to cut the baby in half to settle the dispute, at which time the real mother cried to let the other have her child in order to save its life. At that moment Solomon knew that she was the real mother.

We are built and designed by God to reproduce. When we smother our giftings and calling that God birthed in us, we will then try to steal or absorb someone else’s as a grafted replacement. Two types of ownership where giftings are concerned: those that smother, waste and steal in the darkness and those that reproduce.

What are we catapulting forward? What are we doing with the gifts that Jesus has birthed in us? Everyone has a gift and calling, will you smother yours or reproduce?

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