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By | May 13, 2019 7:44 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Once again, another barnburner of a week with lots of news to cover. Now and going forward, when we have weeks like these, I am going to give each event about a paragraph to cover as many of last week’s issues as possible.

The issue of credit for the booming economy is going to crop up again and again, and we will cover it when it does. The Hill did a survey of the Democrat candidates, and over half of them claimed credit for the booming economy as an expression of President Obama’s economic philosophy and not President Trump’s. As I have said in the past, we have many instances of President Obama and his advisors explaining the 1 percent growth of the Obama economy as being the result of the United States being a fully developed economy and therefore no longer able to generate increases in the 3-5 percent range. So how can these same people turn around and try to take credit? They cannot. At least not credibly.

This week saw Attorney General Barr held in contempt of Congress – primarily because he refused to break the law on the privacy of grand jury testimony that Congress itself wrote and put on the books. You may have heard Congressman Jerry Nadler say that Barr could go to court and get permission to publish the testimony as an exception to the grand jury secrecy rule. But what Nadler fails to inform you of is the recent court decision McKeever vs. Barr. The courts ruled in this decision that judges MAY NOT OVERRULE the secrecy rules in law, unless it is one of the exception provisions originally written into the law by Congress. The present situation is not one of those exceptions. But, of course, Nadler doesn’t want Barr to disclose the information.  It is available to him in the high 90s – something like 98 percent or so – should he choose to go read it in a secure location. He nor any of his committee, not a single Democrat, have gone to read it. This underlines this as political grandstand and not a need for information.  So, this is, as I said last week, just an attempt to pretend a coverup is taking place when the exact opposite is occurring. The report is widely available all over the internet. Please!

The trade talks with China this week reached such a high state of agitation that the Chinese have withdrawn from the talks. It is very obvious that the Chinese do not want to lose their tremendous trade advantage over the United States. When you think about the hundreds of billions of dollars in trade they acknowledge, and, add to that, their ongoing theft of intellectual property, you can see why President Trump says we have rebuilt the Chinese homeland. And, in large part, he’s right.

But don’t forget that China has billions of people, and many of them live in poverty. The only thing keeping the lid on simmering tensions in the Chinese homeland is every village hopes that one of the factories making goods for export comes to their little town or village and improves their ability to earn a living. So, the Chinese leaders cannot afford to have a recession that might make it look as if the factory count might be going down instead of up. The Chinese stock market has been propped up by Chinese state buying but still is in trouble. President Trump is betting with our roaring economy and low inflation we can better afford a few quarters of lower growth than can the Chinese. And I think he’s right. The Chinese have been planning their ascension as the world’s strongest economy for years, and much of that planning counts on the United States continuing to allow the Chinese to steal us blind. So, they will not yield easily. But our strong economy positions us to take on this fight and win it. And we finally have a president that wants to make it happen! But buckle your seat belts. The Chinese are very strategic thinkers, and they will target our farm sector for the pain. There are several farm state senators that will use the excuse of economic pain to vote against President Trump, should it come to that. We need to keep a sharp eye on these influences and be ready to counter them. Make no mistake, this will be a hard-fought war.

There is a growing trend in the Democrat Party that should trouble all of us. It was only a little over two years ago, in 2016, and the lead up to the presidential election, that Hillary Clinton excoriated Trump for saying he would not promise to respect the results of the election one night in a debate. Of course, this was a question designed to either highlight Trump “practically” conceding the race to Hillary or to highlight Trump refusing to respect the results of a democratic vote. It was the equivalent of the old, “Does your mother know you beat your wife?” question. No matter how he answered, he loses. My, how times have changed.

These days, it seems every Democrat that does not win their election feels entitled to play the “voter suppression” card. Beyond the obvious advantage to claiming your election was “stolen,” these oft-repeated claims have the effect of undermining confidence in our elections. There is plenty of evidence in the form of voter participation results that show not only are minorities participating, but that they are participating in increasing numbers. It is this reason that none of these whiners have taken their case to court. They don’t have a case. But what damage is their self-serving claims doing to confidence in our election process?

When I look across the country at what is going on from the economic revival, the defeat of ISIS, the resurgence of our standing in the world, and the dirty tricks being exposed as played by the Democrats, I really must wonder. Why would anyone vote Democrat? In large part, Democrats are counting on their hold on the mass media market to shield them from obvious misstatements of fact (lies) concerning a long list of issues. They are willing to charge fraud in elections where it does not exist, even when they know they are hurting our country in the process. I think it is time that we as loyal Americans, Democrat or Republican or Independents, need to deliver to these scoundrels a stinging rebuke for their careless attitude toward our country! Let’s stand up and loudly say, “Democrats, have you no shame?” And vote them out of office in historic numbers. I believe it is only by such an electoral defeat that we can deliver the message that we are tired of this self-serving, bottom-of-the deck-dealing they are doing that damages our country. And double that for these nasty lying Republicans that say one thing on the campaign trail and another once elected. These people gotta go!

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