The words and actions of the president of the United States of America matter

By | February 12, 2018 6:27 am

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

The behavior of any political candidate, while on the campaign trail, indicates how that person will perform their duties as an elected official. Donald Trump’s campaign, at first, seemed to be a joke. People believed the comments he made, when he declared he was running for the president of the United States of America, were so outrageous, there was no way that he would make it to the Republican Convention. His behavior and comments at the numerous debates left many laughing at him. Not many people expected him to become the Republicans’ nominated candidate for the office president. He certainly fooled a lot of people. The shenanigans the Democratic National Party pulled to get Hillary Clinton the nomination for Democrats left a bad taste in the mouths of a great many people. To say the presidential election of 2016 was a crisis moment for America and democracy would be an understatement, in my opinion.

Much to everyone’s surprise, including Donald Trump’s, he actually was elected to serve as president of the United States of America. I’ve said it before, people wanted a change. Mr. Trump promised to make massive changes, in Washington, and he has, albeit not the kind of changes a great many of us really expected. The first hints of his lack of understanding government and the intricacies of his chosen job as president were revealed to the public by reports of the number of important meetings he did not attend before his inauguration. This was verified by the simple fact that Donald Trump was still in “campaign mode” by traveling all over the country, while others worked toward the transition from the old president to the newly-elected president. Mr. Trump was more than happy to let his daughter, sons, son-in-law, and other people, who had little or no government experience, take charge.

Mr. Trump’s inaugural speech was awesome. I do not mean that in a good way. Most people were in awe that the new president painted such a negative portrait of America and Americans. He boasted that he was the only person who could change the direction of America, and the tone of his speech was loaded with negativity, doom, and gloom. Yes, we are not a perfect country. Yes, we do not have perfect people living here, and, yes, we do not have perfect people running our government. FACT: No human being is perfect. Mr. Trump efficiently and effectively tapped into fears that his supporters had and then pumped up the rhetoric of those fears by naming certain segments of people and things that were the cause of ALL the problems we currently had in America and if nothing was done, it would get worse for every American living in our great country.

I am so saddened by what has taken place in our society since Donald Trump’s appearance in the political arena and his move into the Oval Office. The amount of bullying from school-aged children taunting other children in a vicious manner, to adults who believe it is their right or obligation to verbally degrade, threaten and even physically attack anyone they want, mostly on the simple premise the victims are not considered “real Americans” because they are not white enough, they may speak with an accent, or their choice of attire or their religious beliefs are different. Reported bullying incidents, intimidation, and hate crimes have been steadily climbing since Donald Trump’s presidential campaign began.

In World War II, American citizens gathered together and fought against Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and their Fascist form of government. They fought against the Imperialist regime of Japan. How we did it and some of our actions on the home-front, were not necessarily things to be proud of, and, hopefully, we have learned to do better in the future and not repeat the bad judgement decisions we made in the past. Watching news reports, reading newspapers, and reading news stories from the internet, seem to indicate we are slipping backward into dangerous territory.

We have seen Nazi sympathizers, White Supremacists, the KKK and other hate groups come out of the shadows and march in our streets, promoting hate of people who are not like them. A good many people were shocked by Donald Trump’s contradictory comments over the Charlottesville protests that turned deadly. When he said there were good and bad people, on both sides, some people were rendered speechless. Yes, people who demonstrated on both sides and the city of Charlottesville made mistakes in misjudging what would happen when a demonstration like that took place. I will grant you that not all the demonstrators from the various hate groups probably took part in anything more than their tiki torch march, but they were not there to spread love, peace, understanding, and cooperation with all of their fellow citizens. They were there to spread fear and put a voice to their hate. Trump’s words were seen as validation for the hate groups and allowed them to continue their way of thinking, behaving and promoting an ALL WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

Mr. Trump has done a great deal of harm to our country and our standing in the world by his behavior and with his words. He has insulted some of our strongest allies with his words and his decrees. He has bent over backward to “please” communist dictators, supported rulers who have appalling track records when it comes to freedom and basic human rights of their own people, and has, on a number of occasions praised Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bashar al-Assad. He has some strange sort of competition going on with Kim Jong-un, of North Korea, for whatever reason that is not clear to most people. I am not saying that we should not be wary of the leader of North Korea, but insulting and bullying anyone who has nuclear weapons into a war is not how the president of the United States should behave.

It seems that Mr. Trump wants some kind of war, and the cost to the people of America and the world does not appear to enter into his reality. It is downright frightening to most people who have any common sense and possess a smidgeon of logical thinking. Donald Trump’s attitude toward what he believes to be presidential” is nowhere near what a president of the United States of America should be. His words and behavior are much more in line with those of someone who wants to be a “Supreme Commander” or even a dictator.

Recently, he said he is looking forward to another government shutdown. Yet, he had told members of both parties, before the first shutdown, that he would work with them, and even if he didn’t like whatever they came up with regarding DACA and immigration, he would sign whatever they gave him. That promise changed as soon as a bipartisan committee presented him with an initial agreement. Mr. Trump sent everybody scrambling to try and figure out what he wanted and what he would sign. Here we are again. Mr. Trump tells Congress what he wants, plays more mind games with members of his own party, and then changes the “rules of engagement” at the last minute.

More and more it is becoming very obvious that Donald Trump firmly believes he is still running a family business, and he is getting more and more disgusted and angry when the people around him, his military advisors, key members of his cabinet, his party’s leadership, and the courts tell him that he cannot legally do whatever he wants.

The latest “thing” Donald Trump wants to do is have a military parade, like North Korea, Russia, and other countries have, to honor his leadership and the military. The estimated costs of such a ridiculous display could be close to $22 million. Several Republican and Democratic leaders have said if he wants to “honor” our military, use that money to fix military housing, hire more doctors and medical staff for the VA, and support the commissaries and daycare for military families, among other things active duty and veterans need.

I don’t see that Mr. Trump will change the way he talks, tweets, and behaves. This has been his behavior in his business and personal life. He was not going to change once he was elected president. Many people didn’t want him to change, and many people love the fact that he’s still the “same” guy they elected. These people will never change their minds about Mr. Trump and his job performance, until his words, behavior, and actions impact their lives in a negative way, and then it may be too late to do anything about it.

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  1. Comment by David

    February 12, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    I sure hope the newspaper doesn’t pay good $$$ for these article’s…

  2. Comment by Wayne

    February 15, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    I don’t know what madam Wines thinks she is accomplishing by continually writing articles attacking our duly elected president and the Republican Party! Someone needs to inform her that Donald J Trump won this state and this County by landslide margins! He is the president. America Spoke!!! He’s not perfect but he has done more for this country in his short time in office than any president of my life time!! He has actually kept his word!!!! I think her articles are repulsive, hate filled, and full of lies!!!! I guess she thinks our state is full of deplorables!! Oh well!! Such a waste of space in a great news paper!!!

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