Thirty-three chances to be amazed

Posted By | February 4, 2019 8:21 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

Marveled, amazed, wonderment, astonished. All these words kind of bring the same conclusion, and that is that something or someone was mind blowing.

My friend and one of our pastors at church has such a wonderful voice and spirit to go along with it, that sometimes when she sings, I literarily marvel. Other times I’ve watched as a young father gave his heart to the Lord, and I marveled at the transformation I witnessed in him as he walks deeper in faith with Jesus. One day you’re teaching your child how to ride a bike, and the next day they’re teaching their children to do the same, and you marvel at where the time went. When the word marvel is used as a verb, then the meaning of the word is “to be filled with wonder and astonishment.”

The Bible uses the word “marvel” 33 times in various translations. Thirty-one of those instances are attributed to people who marveled at something or someone, mostly Jesus. In Matthew chapter 9, we find the crowds marveled when Jesus delivered the demon-possessed man.

The people also marveled when the mute man spoke and was restored. Again, in Matthew chapter 8, the disciples marveled that Jesus could speak power over the wind and the waves. Another time in the book of Matthew the disciples marveled when Jesus cursed the fig tree. This is the only time Jesus caused death. Maybe Jesus was showing all mankind that He’s more interested in producing fruit than having a pretty appearance.

There are several stories of speechless people marveling at Jesus as he spoke, moved, or even thought. But what could be so mind blowing as to leave Jesus marveling? The Bible records 33 instances attributed to the word marvel, and two of those times were when Jesus himself marveled at something. Now what would be so powerful or amazing as to cause the king of kings to marvel? The answer is belief and unbelief.

In Matthew chapter 8, Jesus was blown away by a Roman centurion’s faith in a Jewish Jesus’ ability to heal his servant. He told Jesus that he wasn’t worthy for him to visit his home, but he knew that if Jesus would just speak healing, then his friend would be restored. He said that “he, too,” was a man under authority. If we can’t become submissive under human authority, then how can we ever be submissive to the authority of Jesus?

The other time Jesus marveled was in Mark chapter 6 when he was blown away again at the disbelief of the people. Verse 5 says that he could do no mighty works there. And these were relatives and friends.

Sometimes the Christian is the blindest person in the crowd. The centurion was not even of the Jewish faith yet he understood the power and authority of Jesus to heal his friend. On the other hand friends and relatives who should have known better “shut down” a Jesus revival of restoration and healing with their own lack of faith.

Here’s the bottom line, life has a way of presenting opportunities to marvel. When Jesus looks at you, will he marvel at your faithfulness or your unfaithfulness? Will he be astonished that you accepted and believed or because you rejected and deceived? There isn’t much that can make Jesus marvel, but if he does, then will it be because of our belief or our unbelief?

Join us this Sunday at Christpoint Church, on the square, in Sparta, at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., and we will marvel together at how awesome Jesus is. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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