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Dear SpartaLive,

Whether you voted for or against the Van Buren County Referendum for a Wheel Tax, your voices were heard.  There were 513 votes against and 427 votes for the Wheel Tax.   It is important that everyone knows the sole purpose of this special vote was to give each and every registered voter the opportunity to make their voice heard, and it is something that could have easily taken place during the regular elections’ voting, in November 2018, at no extra cost to the county. This was recommended to the board of commissioners, but they turned it down.  Hopefully, the mayor and the board of commissioners will take this as it was meant to be, and that is decisions affecting the pocketbooks of their voters should be decided by those voters, not just a few commissioners.

As residents/voters of Van Buren County, it is our duty to support, while at times questioning, the decisions being made regarding the financial stability of our county and our livelihood.  It is not a trust issue but an obligation to those that live here and their heirs. We need to band together and seek ways to bring businesses here that can provide additional revenues and jobs for those that want to keep this as their home.  I was told by a commissioner of another local community and verified by one of our commissioners several months ago that the opportunity to bring a small ER to Spencer had been offered by Erlanger, and it was and turned down and never discussed any further nor brought to the vote of this community.  Think of the possibilities of money that could be saved, possible revenue gained, and available jobs in such a partnership, not to mention lives saved.

The board of commissioners meets the third Tuesday of every month at the new administrative/justice center building, unless a notice of change is made publicly.  If you have an issue that you want to bring to the attention of the commissioners or just meet your district representative, this is a time to do so

Thank you for voting.  God Bless America.

Nancy L. Beck 

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  1. Comment by Greg Wilson

    February 11, 2019 at 11:01 am

    To answer about Erlanger yes they did approach me about the possibility of a Clinic here in Van Buren County but Erlanger pulled out not Van Buren County this was due to circumstances in another County that we have no control of and yes if the opportunity arises again we will take a Clinic here in Van Buren County, it was a regional concept that involved 4 other counties besides Van Buren County and yes we will take the Clinic if the opportunity comes around again. Get the Facts first please, is all I ask there is a lot of false information going around that some people seem to use for their own agenda evidently.

  2. Comment by Nancy Beck

    March 2, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    In reply to Mayor Greg Wilson’s comment regarding an ER/Clinic for Van Buren my statement was as it was originally reported to me correct however I will apologize if what I wrote was taken out of context and made some of the commissioners respond very bitterly and upsetting that all they wanted to know was which commissioner told you that and when I told them who it was I was almost threatened with this reply “You know I have her/his number in my phone and I am going to call them” Really, okay feel free. Followed by why aren’t any of you concerned that in the Mayor’s comments tonight you aren’t asking why no follow-up with Erlanger has been done and our Mayor had to ask the VBC Attorney the status. But back to the comment Mr. Wilson made here and at the February Board of Commissioners Meeting he addressed this (my letter) situation to the effect yes at one time we were talking with Erlanger about a possible Clinic for VBC and a couple of other counties were to get the same offer but it relied on a New ER being built in an outlying county but Mr. Upchurch (VBC attorney) do you know what happened or why this didn’t go through? At no point did Mayor Wilson say I went back to Erlanger and ask them what was happening or why we were no longer being looked at for a Clinic or the possibility we could be looked at for the big ER that this deal was to be guided by. Again, Mr. Wilson had to ask the attorney if he knew what happened to this original proposal not that he (Mayor Wilson) had made any effort to find out for the residents of Van Buren County what happened to the original proposal. And this is the truth.

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