Traffic stop led to several arrests

Posted By | December 31, 2001 12:00 am

Dawn Bailey
Two were arrested on drug charges after authorities stopped a vehicle on Will Thompson Road because the driver had a suspended license.
At approximately 1:15 p.m., Dec. 25, 2001, Deputy Connor Wardlaw of the White County Sheriff’s Department stopped a vehicle on Will Thompson Road because he had prior knowledge of the driver, Charles James Earl Davis, 18, not having a drivers license. According to the report, a license check on Davis did reveal his license was suspended.
During a search incident to arrest, three used syringes and two marijuana cigarettes were found. The passenger, Harold Lavurn Hutchings, 43, had a small plastic baggie in his jeans pocket. The baggie contained a white powdery substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. Both Davis and Hutchings were placed under arrest and transported to the White County Jail.
Two White County residents arrested after traffic stop
Authorities pulled a vehicle over for a broken tail light and charged one man with driving an unregistered vehicle and the other man with simple possession of Schedule IV drugs.
At approximately 9:14 p.m., Friday, Deputy Charles Sims of the White County Sheriff’s Department was on routine patrol, and noticed a vehicle traveling south on Highway 84 with the drivers side tail light broken. Upon pulling the vehicle over, Sims came into contact with James A. Ballow, 38. Upon running the license plate, it came back to a white Chevrolet S-10 pickup. According to the report, the tag was on a 1991 Ford Tempo, white.
Ballow was placed under arrest for driving an unregistered vehicle. Corporal Jeffrey Bulakowski of the White County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene and ran the K-9 dog around the vehicle. The K-9 indicated on the vehicle and the deputy asked the two passengers to step out of the vehicle and a search was made.
According to the report, Deputy Steven Williamson of the White County Sheriff’s Department searched Rex White who allegedly tried to switch pockets with some pills and dropped one. A total of five pills were found and authorities called poison control to identify the pills. White did not have a prescription for the pills and was placed under arrest.

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