TWRA honor guard welcomes seven new members to its ranks

Posted By | July 1, 2019 12:14 pm

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has welcomed seven new members to its elite honor guard.

The honor guard is comprised of 24 members from across the state. According to information from the TWRA, each officer interviews for this position. Officers must be in good standing with the agency and understand the importance of the guard’s mission, which is to represent the agency and honor any officer killed in the line of duty who has died on duty or has retired and passed away.

The honor guard also represents the agency and presents the colors at special events across the state and beyond. The honor Guard represented Tennessee at National Police Week, in Washington D.C., to pay respect to fallen officers from across the nation. The group also presented colors at professional sporting events, including the Titans, Predators, and Nashville Sound, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s national convention, and at the 2019 Bass Master Classic.

Members spend up to four times per year training in addition to their regular duties. The honor guard is utilized six to eight times per year across the state since the inception of the program, in 2013.  The honor guard has also paid tribute to fallen conservation officers in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Captain Matt Majors, the TWRA Honor Guard coordinator, stated, “Our honor guard members stand at some of the most challenging positions, but we do it to show solidarity within the profession and to reflect the importance of those that have dedicated their service to the state of Tennessee.

“During our deployments, we can’t imagine being anywhere else but at the side of our comrades. We take great pride in honoring those who have served and their families. Our trainings provide us the opportunity to obtain a precision in the execution of our duties, which reflects our reverence for this important mission.”

Honor Guard members include: Sgt. Robert Shannon, Capt. Joe Campbell, Nick Luper, Capt. Dale Grandstaff, Brandon Taylor, Capt. John Parks, Sgt. Pete Geesling, Joe McSpadden, Sgt. Andrew Ward, Jeff Webb, David Carpenter, Todd Weaver, Sgt. Chad Gann, Matt Swecker, Keith Thomas,  Matt Cameron, Capt. Matt Majors, Tim Ward, Dennis Ward, Greg Tester, Kaleb Stratton, Tanner Romsdal, Mitch Clure, and Nathan Karch.

Out of those listed above, these are the new members:  Tim Ward – Lauderdale County, Tanner Romsdal – Lawrence County, Kaleb Stratton – Roberson County, Greg Tester – Washington County, Dennis Ward – Carter County, Mitch Clure – Blount County, and Nathan Karch – Sumner County.

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  1. Comment by Dennis Frey

    July 2, 2019 at 5:57 am

    A wonderful asset and credit to our society. Thanks to all of you for your time, money, and efforts. You deserve our love and support the same as every other honor guard in the State/Country.

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