UDC presents history program at Cassville Elementary School

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Pictured with the cannon at the Cassville Elementary School history program are (L-R): Donna Hamilton, Cathy Sullivan, Bill Heard, Tommy Phillips and Matilda Speck.

Captain Sally Tompkins Chapter 2123, United Daughters of the Confederacy, donating a book to Cassville Elementary School Library. Pictured (L-R): Matilda Speck; Ryan Allen, accepting the donation for the school; Donna Hamilton; and Cathy Sullivan.

On April 11, 2017, third, fourth and fifth grade students at Cassville Elementary School were treated to a living history program on the War Between the States presented by members of Captain Sally Tompkins Chapter 2123, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Myers-Zollicoffer Camp 1990, Sons of Confederate Veterans .

Tommy Phillips, SCV Camp Commander, dressed as a typical Confederate soldier, gave a program on his clothing, gear and the muzzle-loading rifles that most Southern soldiers used.

Bill Heard, SCV member, was dressed as a Union soldier and told about his uniform and the more modern rifles that the Northern army fought with.

UDC chapter members presenting programs were Matilda Speck, Donna Hamilton and Cathy Sullivan. Each person talked about the period clothing that they were wearing

Matilda Speck gave a program about Sally Tompkins who opened a hospital treating wounded soldiers and was commissioned Captain in the Confederate Army.   Donna Hamilton told about how and why women dressed and fought as soldiers during the War Between the States.   Cathy Sullivan spoke about President Abraham Lincoln and his plans for reconciliation between North and South after the War.

Five students were chosen by their teachers to participate in a quiz on topics relating to the War Between the States.   Donna Hamilton conducted the quiz with the participants receiving small U.S. flags and the winner receiving a monetary prize.

The book, “Our Confederate Ancestors” was donated to Cassville Elementary School Library by Captain Sally Tompkins Chapter 2123, UDC, and accepted for the school by Ryan Allen, PE teacher.

Everyone then went outside where the program ended with an artillery demonstration and firing of a cannon by Bill Heard and Tommy Phillips.

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