Van Buren first graders become authors of book about TN history

By | July 30, 2018 1:21 pm

As summer comes to an end for many local schools, Shawna Delon’s first graders gathered to take a look back at some of what they accomplished last year in class.

These first graders wanted to learn more about their home state of Tennessee, so they began their search for books about Tennessee on their grade level and higher. They quickly found there weren’t any books available about their state.

Learning about Tennessee is a large part of the new Common Core standards for first graders; therefore, the children took their iPads, gathered in groups, and shared information and background knowledge with each other. Then, they began the task of writing facts about their state and illustrating pictures to describe their topics. They included intriguing facts, such as the official state insects, the state flower, the state mammal,

and details about the Great Smoky Mountains. When they finished, they agreed on a name for their book, (Let’s Roll Through Some Fun Tennessee Facts), put the pages together, and sent it to a publishing company.

When their books arrived, they gathered for a fun Book Signing Party at the Burritt Memorial Library, where librarian Camillia Lewis helped to host their event. Many of the students were on vacation, so they enjoyed reading their books to their friends and family when they returned. They hope their publishing project will inspire other children to become authors and illustrators and learn fun facts about Tennessee. They are now second graders, but they created memories that will last them a lifetime.

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