Victims of September 11 remembered by WCHS student

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Emily Moorehead
After White County School Board members were treated to a special buffet prepared by students from the Food and Nutrition class, many were moved to tears while viewing a special media presentation conceived by White County High School (WCHS) student, Chad Marcum.
Marcum created a media show titled, “America Remembers” which focused mainly on the events of September 11, 2001, and he was also among other WCHS students honored by the board.
WCHS principal Charles Dycus and WCHS Assistant Principal Sandra Crouch, gave a profile of their school.
Dycus began by thanking the board for their work and stated, “I’m still thankful to be principal of White County High School,” and he also mentioned he was an early reader in his youth, stressing the importance of reading programs.
He then spoke about the Academic Bowl at WCHS, stating the high school was the originator of the academic bowl now viewed on public television from Cookeville.
“We believe academics should get as much recognition as athletics,” he said, and then he briefly outlined the academic banquet planned for spring which will honor area teachers and students.
Crouch thanked the board for making student recognition a part of the school board monthly agenda, and she recognized Stephanie Owen, a flutist, and Brian Wood, a french horn player, as having been chosen for the All Mid-State Band.
Their positions in the state band were secured through audition, and they were a part of only ten percent of students chosen from across the state.
Crouch also highlighted the journalism area of WCHS and the hard work done on the annual by students.
She announced that WCHS annual had received the Gallery of Excellence Award for this year’s annual.
The award means the WCHS annual was one of the top five in the nation.
Daniel Knox, Rebekah Webster and Chad Marcum were present representing the annual staff and were honored for their work.
In other matters, budget amendments, letters to non-tenured teachers, the calendar for the 2002-2003 school year and textbook adoption were passed, with Haley remarking there had been a lot of turnover in secondary education, and almost one third of White County teachers were non-tenured.
A request for permission from the school board for the county to use some of the land behind the BonDeCroft school for a garbage convenience center was denied, with Danson remarking, “We have a fire hall in front of the school, we don’t need a convenience center behind it.”
Concern was also raised by Ray Maples that the school may need the land requested for expansion at a future date, and members voted to deny the request.
The White County Sheriff’s Department had sent a request for a funding partnership with the White County School System concerning the use of K-9 units for the area.
Drug funds of $900 held by the broad were coupled with an $1,100 donation to the board and it was voted to donate the amount of $2,000 to the K-9 program.
Danson asked Dycus if this move would benefit the high school and he answered in the affirmative.
The request was approved by the board.
White County School Superintendent Donny Haley announced the school board had also been granted the right to store items, such as those from the old White County Middle School, at the old jail building.
In zoning policies, it was decided to redistrict parts of the Doyle and Woodland Park districts.
This move will not affect any present students, but will affect future enrollees.
This move helped to secure bus service for a small section in Doyle, which was zoned for Woodland Park, and some of the students there attended Doyle Elementary but had no access to bus service.
The vote to approve the change will benefit these students.
The county-wide awards program planned for the spring was discussed, and it was announced a meeting with teachers was scheduled for next week.
Haley also stated the bid for the asbestos removal at the old middle school had been accepted, and work should begin on April 7.

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