Warrior youth football teams pick up three more wins

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Owen Adams catches a pass in the Senior Warriors win on Saturday afternoon.

The Warrior Youth Football teams faced off against the Overton Outlaws, on Aug. 26, 2017. Once again, all three age divisions walked away with wins on their home turf. The teams will be traveling the next couple of weeks and will head to Upperman, on Sept. 2.

The Peewee Warriors lost the coin toss, and the Outlaws deferred until the second half. Griffin Adams came out strong with a touchdown on the first play of the game, but it was called back due to a penalty on the play. The Warriors’ Hudson Dodd gained a few yards and put Adams back in position to score. The extra point attempt was no good. The score was 6-0, and the Outlaws controlled the ball. The Outlaws fumbled the ball on their first carry, with Bryson Burchett leading a host of Warriors for a loss of a yard.

The Overton offense couldn’t get their offense going and was forced to punt. The Warriors went back and offense started off hot again, with a touchdown run from Tuff Crain, but another penalty caused the touchdown to be called back. The Warriors didn’t let that stop their momentum. Dodd had another short run for a gain of two, and Crain answered back with another touchdown run of 65 yards bringing the score up to 12-0. But once again, the conversion was no good. The Peewee Warrior defense was relentless and did not allow the Outlaws to gain much ground. Adams, Landon Kerr, and Dodd brought down the Overton offense hard. The Warriors forced a fumble and recovered putting them in control of the ball again. Crain and Adams ran the ball putting Adams in position for a quick two-yard touchdown with a quarterback sneak. The conversion was no good. Warriors were on top 18-0 at the half.

Overton County had possession of the ball but once again faced a tough Warrior defense led by Kerr. The Outlaws fumbled the ball again, and the Warriors recovered.   The Warriors’ slowed their offensive game after a couple of short runs. They were tackled in the backfield, and the Warriors elected to punt. The Warrior defense kept the pressure on, and Colten Allen made a tackle for a loss, and Adams intercepted the ball placing the Warriors on the 20-yard line. Adams ran for three yards on a quarterback keeper, and Allen gained six just short of a first down. Adams kept the ball again scoring another touchdown and completed a 1-point conversion run making the score 25-0. Morgan Teeples made a big stop, but the Warrior defense was unable to halt the Outlaw run for a touchdown and conversion run. Dodd, Brayden McDonald, and Tate Pinion all had short runs, but the Warrior offense couldn’t gain back their momentum. They turned the ball over on downs. At the end of the fourth quarter, the Outlaws tried one more time to obtain ground on the Warriors, but Bryson Burchett caused a fumble putting the Warriors in control and ending the game with Warrior win 25-7.

The Junior Warriors won their toss and deferred to the second half. Charles Anderson didn’t allow the Outlaws to gain ground running the ball up the middle. Cole Sims and Exavier Gamblin made back-to-back tackles, and the defensive line stopped the gain of the Outlaws’ first down forcing a turnover on downs. Tucker Pinion started the Warrior offensive series with a 40-yard run. JoJo Dowell followed up with a 30-yard touchdown run, but the 2-point conversion attempt was stopped by Overton. Hunter Broyles made a tackle for a loss of a yard. Cole Sims and Tyson Richmond teamed up to sack the Overton quarterback putting the ball back in the Warrior’s hands. This offensive series caught the Warriors off guard and ended with a turnover on downs. The Outlaws fumbled and recovered under pressure from Mason Simmons and Sims. Will Thomas and Wyatt Diltz made big tackles, and Richmond secured the middle forcing the Outlaws to fumble. Anderson snatched up the fumble giving it back to the Warriors. Dowell and Sims had short runs, but the Warriors elected to punt. The Outlaws struggled to secure the ball and fumbled once again putting the Warriors in charge. Gamblin had a six-yard run, and Pinion ran for the first down. Pinion gained six more yards. Dowell was brought down at the line of scrimmage but pushed up the field for another first down. Sims followed suit with a quick run just short of the first down. Pinion made quick work gaining another first down. Gamblin handed off the ball to Dowell again for a gain of eight. Pinion shucked off several Outlaws getting another first down. Then Gamblin would complete a pass to Dowell for a touchdown making the score 13-0 at the end of the first half.

Warriors would start off with the ball to begin the second half, but couldn’t get their offensive game rolling turning the ball over downs. The Warrior defense stayed strong, with Anderson sacking the quarterback, but the Outlaws came back with a touchdown and were good conversion making the score 13-7. Sims pressed down field gaining eight yards and a first down in two runs. Dowell would score another touchdown for the Warriors. The conversion was again no good, and the Warriors were on top 19-7.   On the Outlaws’ next possession, the Warriors’ defense was ready for more action and stopped the Outlaws forcing another fumble. Dowell and Sims made short runs but couldn’t get the first down. Broyles made another big stop in the backfield. The Outlaws attempted a pass, but the pass play was broken up by a host of Warriors. Sims and Dowell stopped their run game, and the Warriors got another attempt to score close to the end of the game. Gamblin gained the first down in a couple of runs and used a quarterback sneak, and the conversion was good bringing the score up to 27-7, and that was the final.

The senior Warriors also won the toss and deferred to the second half. Levi Griggs started the game off right recovering a Warriors onside kick. Tripp Pinion attempted a pass to Griggs, but the pass was incomplete. Tripp Pinion tried again getting the ball into the hands of Nate Mullins for a 30-yard gain. The ball was fumbled on the next play and recovered by the Outlaws. The Warriors’ defense took charge, with Griggs and Owen Adams making swift tackles in the backfield. The Outlaws elected to punt. Tripp Pinion tossed the ball to Mullins, but a penalty caused his run to come back. Tripp Pinion then completed a pass to Owen Adams and then kept the ball for a first down. Theo Brown made it first and goal placing the Warriors in position to score.   Pinion completes another pass to Griggs, and the 2-point conversion was good making the score 8-0 to start the second quarter. The Outlaws faced a tough Warrior defense with Keaton Sparkman and Adams making big stops. Overton turned the ball over on downs. Brown had a short gain of three. Tripp Pinion once again completed a pass to Owen Adams resulting in a Warrior touchdown. Tripp Pinion would run in the extra point with a keeper extending the Warriors’ lead to 15-0. The Warrior defense took the field and allowed little gain for the Outlaws. Asher Kelso made big plays this series, along with Ty Marable and Adams, with another tackle in the backfield. Adams gained 35 yards on the first run in the series, but time would expire to end the half.

The ball remained in the Warriors hands in the second half. Mullins gained a first down and received a toss from Tripp Pinion gaining 20 more yards. Tripp Pinion then completed a pass to Brown for another Warrior touchdown. Kelso smashed into the end zone for the conversion point extending the Warriors’ lead to 22-0. Adams kept the pressure on the Outlaws in the backfield again. Griggs followed up with an interception. On offense, Tripp Pinion gained a first down with a quarterback keeper, but a series of penalties slowed the Warrior momentum, and they elected to punt. The Warrior defense refused to let up. Griggs sacked the quarterback with lots of pressure from the defensive line. Kayden Blaylock came up for a stop, and Kelso assisted Sparkman and Adams stopping the Outlaw run game.   The Warrior offense fumbled the ball on their next possession, and Overton recovered. Once again, the Warrior defense came in strong. Rawland Ayotte made a tackle as does Braxton Mahaney. Mike Gluff stopped the run up the middle, and Overton turns the ball over on downs. Demarious Dowell and Devin Johnson marched the ball downfield, but time ran out. The Warriors came out on top 22-0.

Halfway through the 2017 season, all the Warrior age divisions are 2 and 1. The Warriors will face Upperman at Upperman, on Sept. 9. Peewee game start at 4 p.m., the Juniors begin at 5:30 p.m., and finishing up is the Senior age division at 7 p.m.

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