White County athletes compete in recent karate tournaments

Posted By | June 28, 2019 6:33 am

Athletes from the Bushido Karate Center have spent much of their time traveling the region in various tournaments. The team has traveled to Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, and in Tennessee. The team has been very successful in the tournaments with 62 first place wins, 25 second place wins, 16 third place wins and seven fourth place wins. Dani Auberger won six Grand Champion wins. A grand champion is earned after all the first place winners in each division and then compete against each other to find an overall champion. The numbers are great considering that only five athletes were able to compete in all the competitions. The five that competed in every tournament are Dani Auberger, Ben Webster, Elyse Webster, Kolt Pryor, and Loran Jarvis. Walter Phillips, Rex Farley, and Luci McKee each went to one competition. (By JERRY LOWERY)

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