White County Board of Education may use old jail

By | March 21, 2002 12:00 am

Emily Moorehead
Schools Superintendent Donny Haley has requested of the county use of the old White County Jail as an alternative school.
Much discussion arose over this matter during the meeting of Steering Committee A on Monday.
Terry Alley suggested space in the building might be utilized as a juvenile detention center, and Terry Howard reminded the board there were “major issues over codes” at the building which would pertain directly to the building being used to hold juveniles or house any inmates.
“If he can use it, we need to put him in that facility,” said Howard of Haley’s request.
“Someone’s going to have to do work on it, him or us,” said Marian Bumbalough, and Anita Eldridge suggested inviting Haley to the next meeting to ascertain his needs for the building and discuss potential occupancy.
Concerning the suggestion the White County Board of Education might be the ones responsible for fixing up the building, Kenneth Milligan stated, “He’d want a guarantee of several years,” pertaining to occupancy.
It was decided to take no action on the matter until Haley had been contacted and discussion on the matter could take place with him present.
In other matters, the list of applicants to serve out the term of County Commissioner Betty Bohannon was read to the committee, and when members were asked about the three applicants listed, Milligan stated it was his understanding that applicant Robert McGraw had no interest in running for office but did have an interest to serve out Bohannan’s term.
Milligan suggested if McGraw served out the term, it would give no unfair advantage to the other two applicants, Johnny “Jack” Cody and Ron Williams, both of whom have announced their desire to run for the county commission later in the year.
Milligan described McGraw as “a very level-headed businessman and very interested in county government.”
Harold England then inquired of some items included in the purchase of land at the White County Recreation Complex.
The items included a tractor and a four-wheeler, and County Executive Herd Sullivan said John Laine used some of the equipment to bush hog the complex area, and that the equipment belonged to the county.
Dwayne Howard made the suggestion to secure the area in which the equipment was located or to move the equipment to a county storage area so that none of it would be open to theft or vandalism.
The matter of the pine trees located at the White County Ambulance Service was discussed.
A bid of $500 was made by M.C. Billings on the pine logs and the area is almost completely cleared.
Several commissioners
remarked how good the property looked and how much safer it was as a result of the dead pine trees being removed.
After old and new business was concluded, the meeting adjourned.

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