White County mulls latching onto Sparta’s tax plan

By | May 9, 2019 10:34 am

By Ron Moses

During the Solid Waste Committee’s meeting May 6, County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson interrupted business to educate the committee on the planned tax hike by the city and its effect on the county.

The rate will go from 2.25 to 2.75 if approved on public referendum.

“Y’all just need to think about this,” said Robinson. “Local tax is set by the county. That is what all your laws and everything is based on. … If the city sets their own tax rate that will be 100 percent revenue going to the city.”

Robinson said, if passed, the county has 40 days to opt in. In doing so, the county would accept that same tax rate for the entire county.

“I’m not trying to push y’all one way or the other,” he said. “I am just trying to let you know how the process works.”

If the referendum passes, the City of Sparta will have the same tax rate as Cookeville as well as other surrounding counties. The committee’s concern is, that if they don’t opt in, they will miss out on the added revenue and concerns over the revenue split with the school system.

Also meeting that night was Steering Committee A where the committee was updated on the tennis court repair.

The purchasing committee will be looking to approve the repairs at the May 15 meeting. Funding of $3,000 was approved for the Fourth of July celebration. The committee voted to approve a stop sign placed at Corinth and Church street and Duck Pond Road and Langford Road. There was also a request for a gate at the baseball field, in Doyle. The gate will help stem the flow of excess people.

Also discussed was to officially name Point Road as an official county road. The road is located in between two county roads and is a mile long. The road is dilapidated and in grave need of repair. The concern will be officially discussed and voted on at the next meeting.

During the budget committee meeting, which was also the same night, members approved to send amendments on the general fund and the general purpose school fund to the White County Board of Commissioners. Approved was a termination payout of a week’s vacation pay, or $662, for a former register of deeds employee and $4,000 for shelving at the register of deeds’ office.

There was also a $32,000 budget amendment for juvenile detention. The appropriation of fund is to house a juvenile inmate at the Putnam County Juvenile Detention Center. The juvenile cannot be housed in an adult facility. The monies will be pulled from fund balance. Also discussed and sent to the county commission was the movement of $35,000 dollars from the teacher’s pay line of funding to assistant teacher pay and medical insurance line following the loss of a teacher.

Approved in committee was the transfer of $40,000 in funds from capital outlay to building improvements to repair the roof on the Cassville Elementary Gym and a year-end cleanup amendment for the Carl D. Perkins Basic Grant as well as a coding error correction in the special education program. There will also be a reduction in wages for supervising teachers in the Summer Bridge After School programming. The reduced wages will allow for funding for educational assistants and additional books for the “Read to be Ready” program.

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