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By | July 23, 2018 7:29 am

Democratic Dialog – by Debra Wines

Last week, many Republicans and numerous Democrats expressed their opinions regarding the meeting that took place between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Some of the Republican Party leaders and legislators who have strongly supported Mr. Trump since his nomination as their presidential candidate were openly questioning and criticizing his behavior and remarks, not only during his NATO meeting, his visit to England, but more importantly, the now infamous press conference, in Helsinki, Finland. Surprisingly, Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Marsha Blackburn joined Senator Bob Corker in his criticism of Donald Trump’s comments from that press conference, along with the lack of information of what Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin discussed during their closed door, one-on-one meeting that lasted more than two hours.

Not surprising was the lack of response from Congressman Diane Black or anyone from her office.   On Tuesday, July 17, in a recorded meeting, Donald Trump tried to explain that he misspoke when he basically stated that he did not believe Russia would do such a thing like interfere with America’s elections, saying he simply left out the word “not” after the word “would.” Seated right next to him, grinning from ear to ear, was Tennessee Congressman Diane Black. I watched the video of this meeting on several different news shows to make sure I was seeing what I thought I saw the first time. Yep, it was Diane Black, currently a candidate for the office of governor of Tennessee.

One of Congressman Black’s repeated campaign comments is that she is proud of her “Tennessee values” and, because of her experience in Washington D.C. and support for and of Donald Trump, she is the best candidate for governor. As most of you know, I am not nor have I ever been supportive of anything Diane Black has done. As far as I am concerned, the only Tennesseans that Diane Black has any interest in are the ones with lots of money who help fill her campaign chest and her bank account. I find it personally offensive that the only time she expresses any concern about our veterans is when she is running for office and plants a sign outside the Veterans Clinic, on Willow Avenue, in Cookeville. Her voting record tells another story altogether. Her actions speak a lot louder than her regurgitation of her background as a poor kid growing up in Maryland, being a nurse and a single mother…blah, blah, blah. She has proven over and over again her total disregard for the working women and mothers in Tennessee and the country. She’s voted to take away or severely cut benefits for veterans, the disabled, the working poor, and the poor in our state and the country.

This complete and unquestionable support of Donald Trump, especially in the light of his behavior and comments about NATO, our allies and his tariff war, is disturbing. Add to that her acceptance of Mr. Trump’s determination to acquiesce to everything Vladimir Putin tells him to do reflects poorly on Diane Black’s intelligence, integrity, and “values.” Several high-ranking Republican members of Congress were appalled by Donald Trump’s comments during the Helsinki press conference and have called for an explanation of what he meant by them.   They have been expressing concerns about his intentions toward further involvement with Russia and Mr. Putin. Instead of joining her fellow Republicans, Congressman Black sat next to Donald Trump while he fumbled his way through a very disjointed explanation of using the words “would have” instead of “wouldn’t have” and smiled adoringly at the man she seems to unquestionably admire and support.

The one positive that has come from the Helsinki meeting is a few more Republican leaders have come out of hiding and said they believe the Mueller investigation should continue, unimpeded. I believe the turning point for some of those Republicans was the indictment of a dozen high-ranking Russian intelligence officers, specifically named by the Mueller investigation that was filed on Friday, July 13, 2018. This was the second time Mueller has brought charges against several Russian nationalists. When Donald Trump was asked if he discussed this with Mr. Putin, he claimed Putin agreed to have members of his government review the charges and offered his assistance in the Mueller investigation regarding the latest indictment. Mr. Trump mentioned that he thought the offer was a great and gracious idea. That’s not the feeling of most people. Personally, I wouldn’t doubt that those named in the latest indictment may “disappear” because they were too stupid to leave a trail that Mueller’s investigators could follow back to the Kremlin.

On Wednesday, July 18, the many Republican leaders started to change their tune about their criticism of Donald Trump, his private meeting with Putin, and the joint press conference they held in Helsinki. This wasn’t just from Republicans who are up for re-election and feared if they talked badly about Donald Trump; this turnabout included Republicans who are retiring. Then these same people rejected the idea floated by Vladimir Putin that he would be allowed to question/interrogate 11 Americans, including the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who has been critical of Mr. Putin for many years. Once again, neither Mr. Trump nor any White House spokesman has come forth to make it clear to Mr. Putin that his request would be denied. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when questioned by the White House Press corps, stated she would let them know when a decision was made. My question is what is there to discuss? We don’t turn American citizens over to hostile foreign countries, especially ones that have harmed us and continue to threaten our democracy.

There have been more indications from the intelligence community that Russia is still interfering in our current election process, and it appears some legislators on both sides of the aisle and in both the Senate and House are starting to realize this is a serious issue. There are a few that have spoken out who completely support Trump’s handling of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Senator Rand Paul has gone so far as to praise Mr. Trump and gush about the way he “handled” Mr. Putin. Perhaps that attack on Senator Paul a few months ago had a delayed affect on his brain and his judgment. I’ve felt that Senator Paul has previously made some reasonable arguments regarding various Trump policies, in the past, but he went way out in left field with his latest support and encouragement of Donald Trump and the Russian situation.

I understand there are people who think the investigation of any possible Russian involvement with the 2016 election is the stuff written about in fictional spy novels and is totally unbelievable. I get the impression that those same people feel that since Russia is no longer a Communist nation, then they can’t be so different from America. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Russia has been our enemy since the end of World War II when our alliance with Russia ended. In many ways, the Cold War still continues. We are no longer fighting the U.S.S.R., but we are still fighting against Russia’s aggression in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and various other countries. Russia may have shed the yoke of Communism, but it is nothing close to a free and democratic society. Vladimir Putin may smile and act civilized toward Donald Trump, but his ultimate goal is to bring the United States of America to our knees without sending death and destruction to our country via nuclear missiles. Russia has found a much more effective way to destroy us by using cyber-warfare and spreading hate, distrust, and chaos throughout our country. The most effective way of doing this is by attacking and interfering with American’s ability to vote for the candidates we feel will represent our needs.

Donald Trump seems to be helping Russia’s agenda, willingly or as a totally ignorant patsy. Nothing Donald Trump has done so far in his 18 months in office has really benefitted the majority of Americans. His programs and policies have hurt more people than they have helped. His steadfastness to label anyone and everyone who disagrees with him as being unpatriotic and a threat to our freedom, taps into the minds of his supporters who believe Donald Trump can do no wrong because God chose him to lead our country. Do not fool yourself into thinking Russia’s interference in our country only happened prior to the 2016 elections. Russia has been sowing seeds of discontent, in America, for a long time, with the help of some very powerful and very rich American oligarchs who believe they should be ruling America as they see fit. They do not like the limitations put on their desires by our Constitution or the rule of law.

I will not apologize for my belief that any Republican and/or Democrat who claims to fully support Donald Trump should not be elected to any public office. They should not be allowed any appointments within the judicial branch of our government, and they should never have any opportunity to destroy our system of government with the aid of any foreign government. Donald Trump wants “extreme vetting” for any non-white immigrant that wants to come to America. I believe we need the ultimate in extreme vetting for anyone who wants to run for a political office or leadership position in our government. Right now, I don’t trust too many people who are running for office to have the best interests of the majority of Americans as their top priority.

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  1. Comment by ANNE GOLDEN

    July 26, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Just a curious question here. Exactly who is spreading the HATE among the Political Parties? You, yourself have spread more HATE in your column than any I have read. I am a Democratic crossover and for the reasons that most crossovers are. I got tired of the Democratic party using their own devoted people as PAWNS in a battle to control the people and to keep them from becoming everything they can be, and that being independent without Gov Help. Surely as you spout off about your hatred for Trump you have read that History. You have your Freedom of Speech and that is good but in your eyes, you and your kind are the only ones who have it. Because you dislike the person yet he is our POTUS gives you the right be indignant against him just shows your character and position in a Party of the THUMB EFFECT. Don’t know what that is? You should otherwise you would be working at CNN or the NYT. Stop bashing our President and get with the program. Everybody has a job to do to hold this Country together. STOP spreading your weekly HATE and do your part in unifying this great Country. If just one week, you would write something positive about this great Country, you might get one of those jobs at CNN or NYT. Sure would be a blessing for the most of us in this town because you would be on some other payroll and your limericks might reach a bigger oppressive audience.

  2. Comment by Jane Smith

    July 28, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Another great, well researched, fact-based article Debra. Please keep them coming. You are giving a voice to the voiceless in this county. Anne Golden, while entitled to her opinion, certainly does not speak for all of us. Thank you for all that you do!

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