An uninvited intruder

Posted By | March 24, 2020 12:48 pm

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

We have an uninvited spirit in our cities. An invisible intruder that is ravaging our communities across this country. It doesn’t rest, neither does it slumber. It is spreading like an out-of-control wildfire across our nation. Children can’t sleep, and elderly are at an elevated risk. The work force and most avenues of play are suspended. Life, as we know it, has just been smacked in the mouth. I’m not talking solely about a virus, we also have an element of fear associated with the foreseeable uncertainty. We have an uninvited spirit in our cities.

In the Old Testament days of the Bible, they had to deal with famines, disease, and seems like every corner they turned was another enemy trying to kill them. David faced an uninvited intruder immediately after becoming the king over all of Israel. 2 Samuel chapter 5 tells the story of David’s quest to establish Jerusalem as his capital city. However, there was a problem. Someone already lived there, and they were not friendly. They taunted David and insulted his ancestry. David was now king, but his city was occupied by an uninvited spirit called the Jebusites. The enemy shouted at David to make sure the Israelites remembered their heritage included the patriarchs Isaac being blind and Jacob crippled. They would shout that even the blind and lame can ward you off. But I think our great lesson in this teaching is found in verse 7, when it says “nevertheless David took the city.”

So how do we kick out an uninvited intruder? Well, David accomplished that feat in verse 8 by entering the city through the water shaft, which is also called the water tunnel in some translation, but, what we learn is, today that is called the sewer. Yes, David and his men crawled through other people’s sewage in order to take back their city.

So let me say again, this virus is not our greatest threat because it will be gone in the coming days and weeks. Our greatest threat is an enemy we all have to face, and it goes by the name of sin. Yes, there’s an uninvited intruder in our homes and our lives, and it’s standing on the walls of our very homes shouting obscenities. We need to kick him out, and, for some, it will take crawling through the sewage to get to the freedom.

Let’s not forget the important things as we go through this season of pandemic in our country. We need the basics of life: food, water, and apparently toilet paper. But we seem to be leaving out the most important element to sustaining life and that is “a Jesus relationship.” Without him, you can stock up everything in the stores and it won’t save a single person. With him, the city can be restored.

We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. We are Christpoint Church, and I’m not sure when this disease will pass and our service times back to normal, but I do know that he is in charge, so, until then, tune into our Facebook page, our app (Christpoint church of Tn), our website, and YouTube Chanel and continue in service with us. Welcome home.

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