Are we killing the seed?

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By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

When I was a boy growing up on a small Tennessee farm, we had a mature apple tree that stood alone in an old fence row that would produce the best-tasting fruit. It would become covered in apples, and, as the summer progressed, the limbs would hang to the ground from the weight. We would wait patiently for them to ripen, and, in passing, you could pluck one from the tree and eat it right under the shade.

There was something I remember noticing with every bite and that was even though the fruit looked good, it didn’t always mean the meat was perfect and tasty on the inside. Sometimes they were soft, dark, and inedible. They had been ruined from the inside out. I have read that fruit flies and coddling moths lay eggs that destroy the fruit from the inside. They specifically attack the core and the seed. The seed represents the future. It represents growth. It represents the next generation. Without seed, there is no hope for tomorrow.

Last week, we mentioned that the enemy desperately wanted to kill the king in each of us. That is true, and, when we take a deeper look at ourselves, I think we can find a direct line from the king to the seed. Satan not only wants to kill the king in you, he desperately wants to kill the seed also.

Let’s take a look back in the Bible and notice that every move of God was either preceded or followed by an abortion attempt against the seed. Moses the deliverer. – Satan tried to kill the seed by ordering a mass killing. Abraham the father. – He tied to destroy the seed by substituting a manmade alternative, thus diluting the seed with foreign influence and impurities that would result in destruction. Jesus our savior – He tried to destroy the seed again by ordering another mass killing. Simply put, the seed has no purpose unless it’s planted. We can hold seed in a bag from now until the cows come home, but, unless we give them to the soil, they will never become what they were intended to accomplish.

The enemy has created distractions in the world today to get our attention off the seed and onto things of lesser importance. Examples of such diversions are music, entertainment, and sports icons. Are the messages they’re sending speaking louder than the messages from the pulpit? Does their influence have greater impact than the word of God? While our world focuses on the wrong things, the enemy is killing our seed right under our eyes.

In John chapter 12, there is a scripture that tells about the seed dying. Verse 24 says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” This type of death is the opposite of killing the seed, it’s multiplying it instead. Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus plans to multiply. We can allow the seed to be taken by the enemy, or we can give it to the ground (Jesus) and watch and witness it grow.

A good example of this is found in the book of 1st Samuel chapter 18. David has just defeated the giant, his hand still clinging to the sword with one hand and Goliath’s severed head with the other, and two individuals become fixated on this new seed of Israel. The father Saul, wanted to kill the seed in David to serve himself and his desires. Saul’s son, Jonathan, wanted to cultivate the seed and gave his royal robe in submission. In verse 4, Jonathan took off his robe and gave it to David. The robe distinguished him as royalty. The robe identified him as the prince. The robe represented the future of Israel’s monarchy. Saul would have killed the seed rather than serve him as king, but Jonathan would have multiplied the giant killer 30, 60, and a 100 times.

Allow me to ask what your intentions are for the future? We’re losing our babies to abortion and our children to the world. Are we killing our seed, or are we multiplying it? There are two options where the seed is concerned – one kills and the other multiplies. I pray you choose wisely.

Come and see us at Christpoint Church on the square in Sparta this Sunday at 8 a.m. for our traditional service and at 9:15 a.m. and 11 a.m. for progressive. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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