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Emily Moorehead
“Scott and Vince are very professional, are good in their field, and they make it an enjoyable experience every time I come here,” said George Carroll of the services provided by Upper Cumberland Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Services (UCCDS).
Carroll takes part in an exercise program at UCCDS, and was recommended to the firm by local doctor, Chad Griffin.
Carroll said he didn’t really know what to expect, and he was pleasantly surprised with all aspects of UCCDS.
“I would recommend anyone interested in this type of therapy to visit Vince and Scott,” he said.
Scott Acuff, RN, and Vincent Gamble, CRT, RRT, together with Dr. Jeffry Belknap of Medical Wellness Group, formed Upper Cumberland Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics in April 2001 as a joint venture to provide residents of the Upper Cumberland with cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnoses and rehibilitation.
Another division of Gamble & Acuff Enterprises is Pro Air Respiratory Services which provides in-home respiratory care and home medical equipment services, and UCCDS has on-hand a state-of-the-art ultrasound unit used for cardiac imaging, and a pulmonary function machine, the latter unique to White County.
They also offer a respiratory pharmacy services.
“Dr. Belknap is immediately available during exercise sessions,” said Acuff.
“Before we start a patient in any rehab program, Dr. Belknap does the initial consultation and follows the patient through the rehabilitation process.”
“We actually decided to go into business long before the forming of our LLC,” said Gamble of UCCDS.
“I spoke and corresponded with White County Community Hospital [WCCH] administration in February 2001 about our plans because I was working there and had come there, in essence, planning to establish a rehabilitation program.”
>From their research, Acuff and Gamble found by opening UCCDS they would be in no direct competition with WCCH concerning rehabilitation services and pulmonary diagnostics.
“We feel like we complement the hospital’s services,”
said Gamble.
Acuff, a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Nashville, has continued his full-time position with WCCH on the night shift, and Gamble continues to work on a PRN basis at Cookeville Regional Hospital.
Through the assistance of their part-time office manager, Pam Sanders, the two men coordinate their schedules to allow them to be available to their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
“Pam has been a tremendous asset to our business,” said Acuff. “Her kind and pleasant disposition is always a welcomed sight to our clients.”
“Her knowledge and expertise in medical office management has freed us up to do what we do best: taking care of patients,” Gamble added.
Acuff, a registered nurse and graduate of the University of Tennessee in Nashville, is a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation specialist.
His professional background includes intensive care, surgery, med/surg and management, and he has filled the position of supervisor at Cookeville Regional Medical Center and WCCH for a total of 20 years and served as director of nursing.
Gamble, a registered respiratory therapist for 22 years and a cardiac sonographer, has experience in neonatal and adult critical care, and for eight years has had a special interest in pulmonary rehabilitation and cardiovascular diagnostics.
He attended Northeast State Alabama, and has approximately 15 years of management experience.
Those requiring the services of UCCDS would be persons who have experienced heart attacks, certain cardiovascular conditions, cardiac surgery, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic asthmatics, chronic bronchitis, people with pulmonary fibrosis and other cardiac and pulmonary conditions.
“We service patients from all over the Upper Cumberland area, and we take great pride in our services,” said Gamble, who also keeps a Yamaha guitar in his office and frequently serenades patients with country tunes during their closely monitored exercise sessions.
“We offer many unique services, one of which is complete pulmonary functions, plus a wide variety of other cardiac and pulmonary diagnostic services which are available to all physicians in our area.”
Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation at UCCDS is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday as part of an eight to 12 week program.
To learn more about UCCD services, phone 931-738-4472 or stop by their offices at 161 B Mose Drive, adjacent to the Medical Wellness group.
“I knew about these guys reputations before I came here,” said Bruce Vaughn, who takes part in exercise therapy at Upper Cumberland Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics.
“They are pretty high up in their field, each of them.
It’s a very pleasant atmosphere.”

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