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Posted By | August 3, 2018 7:58 am

Chris Reynolds and Anna Marie Walker met City of Spencer Mayor Mickey Robinson at the AirMedCare Network display at the recent Annual Mountain Homecoming. They shared their story and gratitude for the community agreement with AirMedCare Network.

By Hansel Moore

There are many great things about living in rural Tennessee, but one of the drawbacks is access to healthcare in an emergency.

If one is involved in a serious accident, the amount of time it takes to transport to a trauma center can easily be more than an hour.   In a life-threatening scenario, the role of the emergency medical service, in Van Buren County, is to stabilize and transport in the most expedient mode possible. The first persons on the scene must utilize their training to make a determination as to the severity of the situation and contact the appropriate transport as needed.

Sometimes the vehicle required is a helicopter with an advanced medical team. The pilots from LIFE FORCE have logged thousands of hours and possess professional skills to delicately land the aircraft in a small, designated area.   The ground crew that establishes the area usually consists of emergency medical service, fire departments, and law enforcement in a team effort to maintain safety for the flight crew, patient, and persons in close proximity to the landing zone.

On June 3, 2018, a Van Buren couple was enjoying the countryside on their four-wheeler. They were thrown from the vehicle and suffered multiple injuries. First responders with Piney Fire Department were the first to arrive at the scene and made the decision, because of the nature of the injuries, that an advanced medical treatment would be required. Two LIFE FORCE air ambulance helicopters were requested to transport both individuals.

Each patient was loaded to an awaiting “chopper” and airlifted to a Level 1 trauma center, at Erlanger, in Chattanooga. There they were treated for multiple injuries and observed three days for any potential undetected internal injuries.

The good news is that both individuals are doing well today, with no extensive evidence of the event, other than a few healed scars. The great news is that the $93,000 cost of their transport via helicopter will be covered by a city municipal agreement with AirMedCare Network – LIFE FORCE that was signed last year by City of Spencer Mayor Mickey Robinson.

The couple, Chris Reynolds and Anna Marie Walker, met the Robinson at the AirMedCare Network display at the Annual Mountain Homecoming. It was the first time they were able to share their story with him, and their emotional gratitude was a positive reinforcement for the decision made in the role of city mayor.   If the decision was not made to enter into the agreement, then the cost of the ordeal could have been a financial anchor for such a young couple for years to come.

UPDATE: During the recent Spencer Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, the municipal contract was renewed with the AirMedCare Network. Under this contract, any individual who resides within the boundaries of the City of Spencer, when transported for medical necessity by LIFE FORCE or any AirMedCare Network provider, will be covered and pay no costs out of pocket. Air ambulance transportation is only covered if in Van Buren County, but all residents within the city of Spencer can upgrade at a heavily discounted rate that will cover them nationally for only $35 per household per year. Van Buren County residents not residing in the city limits can be enrolled for as little as $85 a year per household.

For more information, watch for AirMedCare Network events at local retailers or call (931) 256-7383 for more information.

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