Democracy is gasping for what could be its last breath, Part II

Posted By | August 27, 2018 8:47 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

And the damage to our country continues…

When we talked last, we were discussing how our democracy was being damaged. I would like to continue that with more examples, some from the last week and some in the last few weeks.

Russian interference: Have you heard the latest? Senator Bill Nelson (D) in Florida is now declaring he has worries that the   Russians have hacked into Florida’s registration system. Can these Democrats help the Russians any more than they already do? The Russians are loving the uncertainty being unleashed on the United States with the help of willing Democrats. Don’t we all just know that in the future the only elections “free from Russian interference” will be the ones Democrats win? Look, the Russians couldn’t hack our elections if they tried.

I was on the election board of White County when we chose our election equipment. Our equipment cannot go on line. There is literally no connection in the machine and no software to make a voting machine internet-ready. The only time election results are “online” is when the numbers are transmitted to Nashville or the results are posted. And even if they were to hack into the registration system, where will they get the thousands of voters they need to affect an election once they registered them? No less a superstar than the Democrat’s own president, a guy named Barack Obama (heard of him?), said it would be impossible to “hack” an American election. So why the uncertainty? Sore loser Democrats want to be able to blame any defeat on “Russian interference.” But what they are doing is undermining Americans’ confidence in election results, exactly the aim of the Russians. So, let’s stop this assault on our most basic system, shall we?

Department of Justice: Imagine the Department of Justice going after your family. We all used to believe that our justice system was fair and square and only pursued the guilty, free of political interference. How many of us believe that now? I know I don’t! I cannot watch our DOJ drive an American military hero into bankruptcy and try to do the same with low level political volunteers and staffers and keep my faith in our system and the rule of law.

And sadly, just this week, Attorney General Sessions said the following: “While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

Can he really be that ignorant of what is going on in his own department? The obvious answer is “no.” We all know that Hillary and the D.N.C. bought and paid for the Russian dossier, which is a collection of unproven (after two years!) accusations involving a now sitting president of the United States of America straight from the Kremlin! Yet no investigation? And when the acting head of the Democrat Party declares that the Clinton campaign took control of the state parties and their funds, draining their bank accounts in a clearly illegal act, according to public finance laws, Jeff Session’s justice department is chasing some charges against Cohen and ignoring these facts? I could write a whole column outlining instance after instance of known campaign finance violations, yet nothing is done? And Sessions insists no political interference? This is not good for our democracy or for our confidence in our justice system.

The FBI: Boy, where does one start here? Some of the things I mentioned in the above paragraph certainly fall within their jurisdiction, yet no action has been taken. I saw a former FBI career lawyer and supervisor say that he would not have allowed his agents to even participate in the 4 a.m. raid on Manafort’s residence. He pointed out that during the savings and loan scandal, scores of banks and lawyers stood accused of transgressions of the law equal to or worse than what is alleged against Manafort, yet not a single “no knock, raid” was done. We are finally at the point of interrogating one Bruce Ohr, who stands accused of so much wrongdoing it is hard to fathom, but we are still paying his salary! He still has not been fired! How corrupt can one organization be? And I heard this week that Ohr was a “low level” agent. Bruce Ohr was #4 in the DOJ and the highest non-political ranking member of the staff! And he falsified financial reports to hide the fact his wife was working with Fusion GPS and may have been one of the writers of the Trump dossier! Not only that, but when the FBI formally fired Christopher Steele, he continued to feed the DOJ and the FBI information through Bruce Ohr and his wife Nelly! How can such corruption be allowed? Does this shake your confidence in our FBI?

These things would all be worrisome and give cause for concern, but it does not end there. The house congressional oversight committee has been trying very hard to document and correct some of these excesses. But the very agencies that are supposed to be subject to oversight are refusing to provide documents and witnesses to be examined in regard to these activities. Some of these requests and formal subpoenas are now getting close to two years old!

Oh, but it gets deeper than that! When the House threatened to impeach Rosenstein over his failure to comply, no less a sellout than the Republican Party’s own Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, refused to back his own House members. Does THAT make you feel better about this mess?

Folks, it’s one thing for us to look like a Banana Republic. It is quite another for us to function as corruptly as a Banana Republic! It is our own constitution, bill of rights, and system of government these people are ripping to shreds. And the Dems go on talking about “Russian collusion!” If we continue down this road, we will soon have a lot in common with Russia and in very negative ways.

We have a guy named Mueller who is acting very much like a Russian czar. Can anyone point to a place in the constitution that says the justice department shall have a prosecutor that eternally sits in judgment on the president of the United States? A man that casually forces people into bankruptcy using taxpayer moneys without limit or restraint? And decides on his own when his lawless activities should end?

I heard a great idea this morning, and it is this. President Trump should give Attorney General Sessions 48 hours to turn over un-redacted copies of every record required by the subpoenas already served on the justice department. And no one could cry obstruction of justice, because Sessions has very carefully stayed out of that issue. And Trump should keep giving 48-hour notice and firing people until the rule of law is restored and we have constitutionally responsive people in place in the DOJ. And he should find similar issues on the other departments that co-operated in putting together this dossier until he has rooted out every supervisory person that has been hiding in these agencies and breaking the law!

Folks, we are in for a long hard slog until we can root out the criminals that are hiding in our systems of government. If we truly want our government back that is the only way to get control. Otherwise, the bureaucrats in these departments will continue to thwart the legal processes and all attempts to hold them accountable. I knew we had some bad apples in the barrel, but I am beginning to think it is more like we may have a few good apples, but many, many more are bad! I hope we all understand how crucial it is to vote out of office every Democrat that is standing in the way of government reform. The future of our republic, I believe, hangs in the balance!

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  1. Comment by Dennis K Frey

    August 27, 2018 at 9:52 am

    Your strategy will not work. Facts are facts. Based on your articles, you will attempt to debase, deny, and rationalize the facts contained in the Special Counsels Report. You will be just like trump [not intended as a compliment] denying he knew about the Stormy Daniels payoff when its right there on tape. Someday hopefully, you, trump and your small majority will realize that the truth is the truth [sic any lawyers denial of such], and that saying so to the contrary doesnt make it true.

  2. Comment by Debra Rowlands

    August 29, 2018 at 12:42 am

    You accuse Democrats of being tied to Russia. I have not seen Democrats going to Russia. But I have seen Republicons flocking to Russia, taking Russian money, funneled through the NRA, and I see our own president with ties to Russia. This is the most corrupt administration since the beginning of this country.

  3. Comment by Lindell Smith

    September 1, 2018 at 2:03 am

    I see one thing flawed with the op-ed I can’t even read it because the headline is wrong from the start. The Roman’s had a democracy ( mob rule). The Constitution was written to keep from mob rule. That’s why we are a constitutional republic. Hence why we say in our pledge “to the Republic for which it stands”. It is the ignorance not only of the left to call it a Democracy, it is also by design. The left want to be the only mob to rule. Our nation was founded to make it hard for one person or a group of persons to reign supreme over us. So please if you are going to write a diatribe about how Democracy is dead. Take a civics lesson, and know that in this REPUBLIC it was never living. Stop spewing more misinformation and know what you are talking about.

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