Doyle implements building codes, appoints alderman to replace Yates

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It had been three months since the Doyle Board of Mayor and Aldermen had a quorum and was able to hold a meeting.

During its Oct. 4, 2016, meeting, however, the board wasted no time getting back to business, implementing building codes and appointing a new alderman, in an effort to make improvements in the town.

The meeting began with Upper Cumberland Development District’s Tammy O’Dell addressing the board on the status of two grants that the town had been awarded.

The first grant was $315,000 that was awarded to Doyle Volunteer Fire Department for a new fire truck and equipment, which requires a 5 percent match by the Town of Doyle. The board unanimously approved funding the matching $15,750.

“I was excited to hear this project got funded,” O’Dell stated. “I’m very happy for Doyle.”

O’Dell says the town can expect the delivery of the truck by the end of next year. Following a bidding process, Fire Chief Jason Sparks states there is typically a turnaround time of nine to 12 months on the building of a truck.

Mayor Ray Spivey states the town can budget for the matching funds next year.

The second grant, the HOME grant, was also discussed. According to Sparks, the state passed building codes a few years ago and gave communities options on how they wanted to respond to the codes. Doyle did not act on the new codes, which managed to go unnoticed until now.

One stipulation of the HOME grant is that communities who received the grant must have building codes. If Doyle does not implement codes, they will lose the grant.

Sparks suggested the board let the state handle the inspections, which will not cost Doyle any money, but sell the permits at city hall. Permits for new construction are reportedly $500 for a home valued at $100,000-$150,000.

O’Dell stated there are only two residences who have been inspected for the HOME grant. Most who had applied required work that would cost over the $40,000 limit. One applicant passed away and another lived in a trailer, which is not permitted.

According to O’Dell, there may be a chance to open the grant to other residences, as the two homes that have been inspected will not spend down the funds available to Doyle in the HOME grant.

Spivey motioned that the town adopt the state codes. The board unanimously approved the motion.

In other business, attendance of aldermen has created some problems for the board, which was several months behind in submitting its annual budget to the state because of aldermen absence. Alderman James Yates has been ill and has not attended a meeting since his illness earlier this year. If other aldermen are also absent, there is no quorum, and the meeting is canceled.

“We’ve got an alderman problem,” Spivey stated. “The state is raising Cain over this budget. If you can’t show up, you need to get out. It’s an issue. The state is going to come in here and shut us down.”

Alderman Jerry Rogers suggested the board move forward in replacing Yates’ position.

Spivey gave aldermen the opportunity to table the vote until next meeting, stating that everyone likes Yates, who has served the town since the 1970s; however, he does not believe Yates will be able to come back and serve any longer.

“We shouldn’t table it, because if one person misses, we can’t have a meeting,” Rogers responded. “We need to take care of business. That’s why we’re here. The board approved placing a new alderman on the board.

Spivey brought two names before the board, Rachel Roberts and Gloria Jewell. Spivey informed the board that Jewell is Rogers’ live-in girlfriend.

Alderman Doug Graham asked if that would be a conflict of interest, but Spivey replied it was not.

The board unanimously approved appointing Jewell to fill Yates’ position.

Other items discussed:

-The car show recently held in Doyle was a great success, with 170 cars attending. The show, coordinated by Alderman Jerry Rogers, was the first for Doyle, and Rogers hopes to have a second show next year, which he anticipates could bring twice the number of cars.

-The street signs the town had ordered have finally arrived.

-The board approved a $2 an hour raise for secretary Lori Sparks. “She’s the best I’ve had,” Spivey stated.

-Rogers said the board should start making plans to bring more business to Doyle. “We need to bring our heads together and figure something out,” Rogers explained, stating someone recently made the comment that Doyle had become a ghost town.

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