Explosives found in dumpster

Posted By | September 28, 2007 12:00 am

Jody Sliger
Encased only in a cardboard box, explosive devices and detonators were brought to Sparta Police Department after they were discovered inside a dumpster on Bon Air Mountain.
“They were something like you would use for military training,” said Police Chief Jeff Guth.
The Tennessee Bomb and Arson Squad and special operations from Tennessee Highway Patrol were called in to help in the investigation.
More of the explosives had reportedly been removed by another person and taken to a residence in White County. According to Guth, the White County Sheriff Department and the special investigators went to the home and removed the items.
“They [the explosives and detonators] were in canisters marked ‘explosive military,’ said Guth. “And there were blasting caps.”
Guth said the Bomb and Arson Squad x-rayed the box and then removed everything out of the box and transported the items to an undisclosed location to be safely destroyed.
The dumpster was loaded up and transported to the landfill, and agents went through it making sure nothing else dangerous was contained.
According to Herd Sullivan, White County Executive, this is the first time he knows of these types of items found at a county convenience center.
“That doesn’t mean we haven’t had them before, but that is one reason we tell people not to scrounge around in the dumpsters because there is no telling what people throw away in those bags,” said Sullivan.
According to Tennessee law, it is against the law for a person to be found in possession of explosive components or unlawfully possesses any component part of an explosive including, but not limited to, a fuse cap, detonator or wiring.
The incident is still under investigation. According to Guth, agents with the ATF and the Bomb and Arson Squad will be interviewing a “person of interest,” as well as additional potential witnesses.

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