Ferris wheel fundraiser brings Van Buren community together

Posted By | November 27, 2018 10:06 am

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By Hansel Moore

A month ago when people were signing up to be part of the first fundraiser for the 2019 Van Buren Fair, the weather was sunny and warm. Saturday morning frost and freezing temperatures greeted the faithful. The sun had barely risen as participants began to wander into the Van Buren fair building to get their number and unique fundraising shirts.

Participants from all generations began stretching and getting ready to take a quick tour of Spencer, Tennessee. At the sound of the whistle, the group embarked by putting one foot in front of the other, and they were off. Some were motivated by bragging rights, others by just wanting to help support the fair. Others were prompted by the reality that the fair barn was about 40 degrees warmer than the path they were on and felt the motivation of the brisk breeze blowing across the plateau. A few hearty participants went for the minimalist choice and ran in shorts and a sweatshirt, while others donned enough weather-propelling clothing to survive a journey to the North Pole. Regardless of fashion choice, they all moved with purpose.

Jacob Shively was the leader and the first to cross the finish line. Approximately 70 other individuals followed at their own pace and ability. Some people decided to get two things done at one time and brought their dogs along for a walk. Depending on the breed, some of the canines persevered and kept pace with the pack. One determined dachshund didn’t let his shortened stature become an issue and moved his pooch propulsion as fast as he could.

It was a time of true sportsmanship, as early finishers helped to cheer on others.   As the group thawed out in the warmth of the fair barn, the names and times of the leaders in each category were called and medals were given.   Everyone who came and participated did a great job. The real winner is the Van Buren community. The event was a good example of people pulling together for the betterment of Van Buren County. If the spirit and determination witnessed is any indication of the quality of the county fair next year, you are not going to want to miss it. It will be a fair to remember. Keep an eye out for upcoming events to help support the Van Buren County Fair.


Overall Male-Jacob Spivey 22:39

Overall Female – 24:22

12 & Under

1st Layla Bouldin 24:22

2nd Callyn Sullivan 29:49

3rd Cade Simmons 34:02


1st Brandon Skiles 23:17

2nd Clay Wilson 45:33

3rd Amber Pack 46:03


1st Jacob Spivey 22:39

2nd Craig Chandler 34:54

3rd Hayden Ottinger 37:16


1st Maleah Carlyle 30:06

2nd Brittney Crisp 30:45

3rd Amber Grissom 34:47


1st Velma Barnette 30:58

2nd Rick Bedsole 31:34

3rd Kelly Lewis 32:25


1st Shawn Romano 37:55

2nd Melissa Harmon 40:03

3rd Becky Harris 52:12


1st Louise House 46:16

2nd Shirley Cummings 58:29

3rd Terry Davis 58:29

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